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Southern Illinois University 



May 7 and 8, 2004 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 


May 7 and 8, 2004 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

When its doors were first opened in 1874, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
was a place where teachers and scholars believed that their graduates should be 
prepared to make useful contributions to the health and strength of society. This is 
still our intention. Outstanding departments, dedicated faculty, thorough and often 
inspired instruction, and a thoughtful blending of old wisdom with new knowledge 
have become the hallmarks of the University. 

Because this is true, we can point with pride to our alumni, many of who are distin- 
guished scholars, business leaders, artists, and public servants, and many more of 
who are essential to organizations and communities throughout the nation. 
Knowing that classroom learning is only one facet of education, we help students 
learn to play through intramural sports, training in crafts, outdoor activities for 
individuals and groups, a variety of musical organizations; learn to help themselves 
through wellness education, physical fitness training, and counseling; learn to help 
others through fraternal, community service, political, and volunteer groups; learn to 
see and know their surroundings through hands-on projects, field trips, lectures, and 
excursions of their own. 

In encouraging students to explore the avenues and byways of knowledge and 
experience, our aim is to expand their view of the world in such a way that, while 
they focus on the particulars of their careers, they will be able to see their lives and 
their work in the broad context of the communities and the world. 

Board of Trustees 


Home Town 

Term Expiration 

Glenn Poshard, Chair 



Harris Rowe, Vice Chair 



Roger Tedrick, Secretary 

Mt. Vernon 


Marilyn Jackson 



Ed Hightower 

Edward sville 


John Simmons 

East Alton 


A. D. Van Meter, Jr. 



Rick Maurer, Student Trustee 

Edward sville 


Ed Ford, Student Trustee 



James E. Walker, President 
Southern Illinois University 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 



Table of Contents 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale ii 

Board of Trustees iii 

Table of Contents 1 

Candidates for Degrees 2 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies 3 

Friday, May 7, SIU Arena 3 

Saturday, May 8, SIU Arena 3 

Saturday, May 8, Shryock Auditorium 3 

Order of Exercises College of Liberal Arts 4 

College of Liberal Arts 5 

Bachelor of Arts 5 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 8 

Bachelor of Music 9 

Bachelor of Science 9 

Order of Exercises College of Education and Human Services 1 1 

College of Education and Human Services 12 

Bachelor of Science 12 

Order of Exercises College of Applied Sciences and Arts 18 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 19 

Associate in Applied Science 19 

Bachelor of Science 19 

Order of Exercises College of Engineering 24 

College of Engineering 25 

Bachelor of Science 25 

Order of Exercises College of Business and Administration 27 

College of Business and Administration 28 

Bachelor of Science 28 

Order of Exercises Graduate School 30 

Graduate School , 31 

Doctor of Philosophy 31 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 33 

Master of Accountancy 33 

Master of Arts 33 

Master of Business Administration 34 

Master of Fine Arts 35 

Master of Music 35 

Master of Public Administration 35 

Master of Science 36 

Master of Science in Education 38 

Master of Social Work 39 

Order of Exercises College of Science 41 

College of Science 42 

Bachelor of Arts 42 

Bachelor of Science 42 

Order of Exercises College of Agricultural Sciences 44 

College of Agricultural Sciences 45 

Bachelor of Science 45 

Order of Exercises College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 47 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 48 

Bachelor of Arts , 48 

Bachelor of Science 48 

Order of Exercises School of Law 50 

School of Law 51 

Juris Doctor 51 

The 2004 Outstanding Term Faculty Teaching Award 53 

The 2004 Outstanding Teaching Support Award (Administrative/Professional) 53 

The 2004 Outstanding Teaching Support Award (Civil Service) 53 

Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 54 

Academic Regalia 55 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 55 

Tassels (Undergraduate Colleges) 55 

Hoods (Masters and Advanced Degrees) 55 

The SIU Alumni Association 56 

Southern Alma Mater 57 


Candidates for Degrees 

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the granting of which 
is contingent upon successful completion of all requirements for the degree. 

An asterisk (*) to the right of the name indicates membership in the University 
Honors program (undergraduate students only). 

A double asterisk (**) to the right of the name indicates the person is a candidate 
for multiple degrees. 

University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as follows for 
undergraduate students: 

cum laude 3.500-3.749 
magna cum laude 3.750-3.899 
summa cum laude 3.900-4.000 
The grade point averages above apply firstly to all work taken at Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale and in the case of transfer students then to the total work as 
an additional, but secondary qualification. 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies 

Friday and Saturday, May 7 and 8, 2004 

Friday, May 7, SIU Arena 

5:00 P.M. College of Liberal Arts 

Saturday, May 8, SIU Arena 

8:30 A.M. College of Education and Human Services 

11:00 A.M. College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

1:30 P.M. College of Engineering 

4:00 P.M. College of Business and Administration 

7:00 P.M. Graduate School 

Saturday, May 8, Shryock Auditorium 

8:30 A.M. College of Science 

11.00 A.M. College of Agricultural Sciences 

1:30 P.M. College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

4:00 P.M. School of Law 

The commencement ceremony is an important occasion not only for you but also for 
other graduates, families, and friends. Although it is a happy time, it should not be a 
time of revelry. Your conduct at the ceremony should be dignified. Alcoholic 
beverages may not be brought into either the SIU Arena or Shryock Auditorium ei- 
ther by degree candidates or guests. Security personnel will be on hand to deal with 
alcohol or other distracting objects. 

Professional photographers will be taking two photographs of each graduate as he or 
she crosses the stage. Each graduate will receive a proof print of each of those shots at 
no charge, and will have the opportunity to purchase additional copies or various 
photograph packages at a reasonable cost. 

Order of Exercises 
College of Liberal Arts 

5:00 P.M., Friday, May 7, 2004, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 

Valedictory Address 

Nicholas David Ellis, Graduating Senior, Administration of Justice 

Presentation of Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters by the College of 
Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Jo Ann Boydston, Recipient 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Liberal Arts on 
Behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Howard Spiegel, Recipient 

Alumni Welcome 

Howard Spiegel 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 

Sandra Agans, Soloist 

Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 


Music for a Ceremony, John J. Morrissey, Composer 

Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 

(Please remain seated until the Recessional is completed.) 

College of Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 

Wilfred Delphin, Grand Marshal 

Jane Adams, Grand Marshal 

Don Rice, Marshal 

Diane Taub, Marshal 

K. K. Collins, Marshal 

Toy in Fox, Usher 

Anita Hutton, Usher 

Art Kunz, Usher 

Jay Lewis, Usher 

Kay Rippelmeyer, Usher 

Martha Taricone, Usher 

James LeBeau, Reader 

John McCall, Reader 

Joyce Jolliff, Reader 

Kevin Sylwester, Reader 

Beth Lordan, Reader 
Frederick Williams, Reader 
Leslie Duram, Reader 
Jonathan Bean, Reader 
Janet Fuller, Reader 
Diane Taub, Reader 
Karen Clayton, Reader 
Gail Thomas, Reader 
Pat Manfredi, Reader 
Christie Stewart, Reader 
Meera Komarraju, Reader 
Mark Schneider, Reader 
Bryan Crow, Reader 
Lori Merrill-Fink, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Bryan James Addington 

Michelle Lynn Aldworth 

Afiya Tulani Allen 

Carrie Ann Allman 

Andrea Michelle Alvey 

James Michael Ambos 

Chad William Anderson 

Lindsey Marie Anderson magna cum laude* 

Yed Lorng Anikpo 

Luke Curtis Applegate 

Carrie Ann Atterberry 

Joel G. Aud 

Twana Jill Aud aim laude* 

Bradley Dean Baird* 

Richard J. Baranski** 

Jamie Ann Barba 

Jeremy K. Barnes 

Franklin Scott Wayne Barrett 

Aaron Charles Barrow 

William Jackson Beasley 

Ashley Nicole Bennett 

Neil Edward Bergeron 

Kimberly Anne Bernard 

Benjamin David Beyer 

Danielle Lynn Blair** 

Julie Ann Blanks 

Jami Edwinor Blanton 

Nicole A. Bondurant 

Brian Patrick Bonistalli 

Braden Eugene Bost 

Thomas Lee Bowlin 

Jon Michael Bragg 

Tracie Gail Brantley* 

Allison Grace Brayton 

Marcie Rose Brewer* 

Tracy Ann Brewer 

Justin Dale Brock-Jones aim laude* 

William Jay Brokaw 

David Mark Broniec 

Tiffany Monique Brooks 

Jennifer Lynne Broughton 

Bianca Chantal Brown 

Stephanie Rochelle Brown 

Travis Allen Buhnerkempe 

Kendra Renee Bumpus aim laude* 

Kevin Terrell Burish 

Heather Nicole Burton* 

Anthony Luke Byrd summa aim laude* 

Michael D. Calderala aim laude* 

Amanda Lynn Calvert aim laude 

Allison Catherine Campbell summa aim laude* 

Brian Edward Campbell magna aim laude*** 

John Michael Cannon 

Durin Kelsey Caplan 

Scott Andrew Cardwell 

Marcus Antony Carter 

Zachry S. Cartright 

Jennifer Ann Case aim laude* 

Laura Elizabeth Casper 

Apolonio P. Castellano 

Rikki Nichole Castles 

Tyler DeWayne Cates 

Jennifer Eileen Caudell 

Allan B. Chase 

Stephen Ray Chirch 

Candice Sherrice Chism-Foster 

Melissa Robin Ciesielski 

Jared Kent Clapper aim laude* 

Michael Owen Clark 

Sean William Clark* 

Kelli Anne Clifford 

Jamila Felicia Coachman 

Thomas A. Corry 

Cheryl Lynn Coulson 

Justin Miles Cox 

Wendi J. Crabtree 

David Thomas Craig 

Stacia Joy Creek* 

Kendra Victoria Crews 

Kevin Jon Crispin 

Bachelor of Arts (continued) 

Tristram James Crittendon 

Brian Heath Crockett 

Penny S. Cromwell cum laude** 

Tommy Jermaine Curry cum laude*'** 

Ivas John Dambrauskas 

Jessica Ann Davis cum laude* 

Martin Damian Davis 

Patrice Nikkole Dawson 

Rebecca Cara Decoster cum laude* 

Gina Marie Delrose 

Edward Pablo Desasauerbrunn aim laude* 

Jacob James Destree aim laude* 

Paul Andrew Devon 

Matthew Blake DeClerck 

Daniel Eric DeWolf 

James W. Diemer cum laude 

Matthew Lucien Dierker 

Krystal R. Dilts* 

Ivan Lee Dixon 

Tara Lynn Dixon aim laude* 

Sandra Jane Dobson 

Natasha Marie Doerr magna aim laude* 

Kyle Edward Donovan 

Kiplan Gabriel Jorel Dooley cum laude 

John Ransome Dorsey 

Patrick Micheal Duerinck 

Heather Michelle Durbin** 

Amber Michelle Dyehouse 

Douglas Einar Dyhrkopp* 

Rhiannon Rose Dziedzic* 

Ryan Paul Eckart 

Shawna Michelle Effler 

Michael Dale Eichenseer 

Nicholas David Ellis summa cum laude* 

Ruth Lauren Embly 

Solomohn Nallshi Ennis 

Nijma Aan El Esad 

Leslie Rene Farr 

Arthurina Lea Fears 

Jessica Faye Fehrenbacher 

Kristina Joy Fish 

David Earl Fitt summa cum laude* 

Nicole Denise Fowlkes 

Jasmani Francis 

Lara Adrian Frey 

Jon A. Friedler 

Larry Timothy Fritts 

Mimi Fujitsuka 

Erin Jennifer Funk-Dublan 

Shiloe L. Gaconnet** 

James Dewell Gaddis 

Jennifer Leann Gaddis 

Michelle Dawn Gaede 

Matthew Robert Gaffhey 

Brett Anthony Garden 

Justin Neal Gaskins 

Tanya Monyette Gates 

Heather Marie Gibb** 

Esther Mae Gierstorf cum laude* 

Kevin William Gleeson 

Jasmine Goldsand 

Stephanie Lynn Goldstein 

Jason Valdez Gonzalez 

Andrew Gramza 

Courtney Rashell Gray aim laude 

Kelly Yvonne Greeling 

April Aisha Green 

Christopher P. Green 

Nuclear Roland Green 

Gator Jake Greenwill magna aim laude*-** 

Jessica Noel Gregory 

Randy Justin Grunloh 

Eric John Hageman 

Nathan Christopher Hahn magna aim laude* 

Crystal Desiree Hale 

Miranda Francis Hammond cum laude 

Joseph A. Hargraves, Jr. aim laude* 

Tara Lynn Harms 

Sharon Sarah Harpaz magna cum laude* 

Dayna Rae Harris aim laude* 

Denise Marie Harris 

Meghan Sarah Harrison summa aim laude* 

Jill Rebekah Hartness 

Akiko Hashimoto aim laude 

Mohamed M. Hassan 

Stacy Elizabeth Hauser* 

Laura Marie Hawkes aan laude* 

Charity Lee Hawkins 

Courtney Dawn Henby 

Amanda Diane Henry* 

Bonnie M. Henry* 

Alanna Denise Herron 

Bradley Smith Higginbotham 

Jason Ryan Hill 

Joannie Lynn Hillesheim 

Joshua Benjamin Hillinger 

Lloyd L. Hilton III 

Danny Thang Ho* 

Kelly Ann Hoffman magna aim laude* 

Melinda Margaret Hohol aim laude 

Zachary Graham Joseph Hosman aim laude 

Kara Elizabeth Humphrey magna aim laude* 

Daniel Edward Hurd 

Tara Elizabeth Hustedde 

Jennifer Margaret Hutchinson 

Joseph Vito Impastato 

Jessica Rhea Isaacs* 

Yuko Ishiyama 

Andrew Sylvester Jackson** 

Natasha Marie Jackson 

Charles B. Jaiyeola 

Candice BreAnn James 

Kristen Nichole James* 

Melissa I. James 

Ann M. Johnson 

Marshan Johnson 

Precious Renee Jolly 

Curtis O. Jones 

Leah Beth Joyce* 

Kelsey Christine Julien 

Jacob Thomas Kallman** 

Ilene Sarah Kastel magna aim laude 

Terah Kay Keim* 

Jason Adam Keist 

Hanna Cathlyn Kelley cum laude 

Jennifer Elaine Killham cum laude* 

Michelle Ann Kimble 

Melissa Carol King 

Nitoya Denise King 

Miyuki Kitazume 

David Michael Kniffen 

L. Meredith Knight magna cum laude* 

Erica Ann Knollenberg 

Kirsten Leigh Knupp 

Krystle Ann Kohl 

Michael Mile Kokic 

Jessica Rose Korando 

Philip Robert Kozla 

April Renee Krausz** 

Ai Kuwano 

Beau Glen Edwin Laughlin summa cum laude* 

Robert Miles Laurent magna cum laude* 

Katie Marie Laux magna cum laude 

Michael James LaBarbera 

Jamila Na'Shae Leary 

LaToya Michele Lee 

Dawn Larae Lerch 

Brooks Meredith Letchworth cum laude 

Melanie Amber Lewis 

Robin Marie Lewis*** 

John Siwei Li* 

Kristina Jane Lindahl* 

Yolanda Lydia Lindsey 

Andrea Dawn Litherland cum laude* 

Christine Marie Little 

Ikeda Nasha Lockhart 

Reggie M. Logan 

Christopher Alan Loker 

Ellen Ann Longbucco 

Brian Richard Lorenc 

Levi Allan Loverkamp magna aim laude 

Dale Alan Luetkemyer 

Jeffrey Michael Lundquist 

Rachel Lynn Lutrell 

Andrew Ryan Magdy 

Michelle Ann Mainer 

Lakendrea Levette Mallard 

John Edward Mandernach 

Laura Michelle Marberry 

Christopher Dale Marcum 

Elaina M. Margenthaler 

Joshua Paul Markle 

Cynthia Lynn Martin aim laude* 

Tiffani Latrice Mayes** 

Meghan J. McCallum 

Stacey Rae McCaw 

Kandace Lorriane McCoy summa aim laude 

Grant DeLano McElroy 

David Paul McFadden cum laude* 

Tia Renee McKenna* 

Rana Elise Meents cum laude** 

Janice Kay Merlano 

Kimberly Anne Micklus 

Joshua David Mifflin 

Gabriel Montiel 

Elizabeth Ann Moore 

Richard Arthur Morris 

Brian J. Morrison 

Lena M. Morsch 

John Andrew Moss 

Rose Eileen Muenzenmay 

Breanna Eve Murphy magna cum laude* 

Heather Rae Musser 

Richard Jon Naber 

Stephanie Marie Nahm cum laude* 

Reginald Darnell Nance cum laude 

Raymond Francis Narbone 

John Richard Newman 

Nam Dai Nguyen 

Jeffrey Lyle Nichols* 

Lauren Michelle Nichols 

Maudia Diana Victorian Norman 

Patrick Charles Novak cum laude* 

Treshenna Oweonn Odom 

Julie L. Oglesby 

Brigitta Nicole Olson magna aim laude 

Tamara Teashell Orr 

Justin Tate Osborn 

Jennifer Kay Ostrom cum laude 

Andrew Lee Overstreet 

Kayode Gbola Oyedepo 

Neal Steven Papich 

Jessica Ruth Patrick 

Holly Lynn Pelg 

James J. Pellegrini 

Beau Shane Petty 

Hillary Smith Pierceall 

Eva K. Pilch 

Robert Murray Pipkin 

William Joseph Piatt III 

Trista Delicia Powell 

Steven Cornell Rainey, Jr. 

Sean William Randich 

Kristen Alice Rasmussen 

Justin M. Raver cum laude 

Deborah A. Reardanz cum laude 

Jennifer Lynn Reding 

Rachel Lynn Redmond 

Randi Renee Reed 

William B. Reed 

Suzanne Elizabeth Reese magna aim laude 

Martina A. Reeves-Hyler 

Marina Cecilia Rentas 

Jennifer Ashley Respass aim laude*-** 

Bradley W. Rhymer aim laude* 

Kittie Michelle Riecan** 

Hege Riise summa aim laude 

Kyle Alan Rinella 

Mary Ann Rivera*-** 

Jamey Lynn Robbins 

Philip David Roberts 

Stephen Maurice Robinson, Jr. 

Erin Beth Rogers 

Summer Delanie Rowell magna aim laude 

Edward Jorelle Rucker 

Sara Jean Rutzky 

Daniel Martin Ryan 

Abel Gerardo Salazar*-** 

Sandra Faye Sanders 

Haffez O. Sarumi 

Bachelor of Arts (continued) 

Twilla Ann Sawyer 

Linda Sue Scheriger 

William Scherschel IV 

Jason Matthew Schindler 

Joseph Anthony Schmidt 

Amy Marie Schnapp 

Cory Eugene Schum 

Chad Edward Schumacher 

Marina Shafran cum laude*** 

Joshua David Sharp cum laude 

Andrea Lee Shehorn* 

Bradley Thomas Sherrill summa cum laude 

Shinichi Shinohara 

Megan Elizabeth Shirley 

Gavin Kontral Simpson 

Rachel Sims 

Jennifer Marie Skowronski 

Naeem Kareem Slaise** 

Kyle Christopher Slankard 

Katrina Ann Smalley 

Angela Marie Smith cum laude* 

Chad Lyn Smith 

Deandre D. Smith 

Deseria Alvena Smith 

Elizabeth Anna Smith 

Jami Kerissa Smith cum laude* 

Ryan John Smith cum laude* 

Tanya Raschell Smith 

David Cyril Smothers 

Rebecca Ann Souther 

Catherine D. Soward 

Michelle Sowle 

Amy Elizabeth Spomer 

Teri Nicole Stangle summa cum laude 

Heath Michael Stapleton 

Cara Deannne Stevenson* 

David Liekweg Stewart 

Sarah Kristine Stock 

Daniel James Stockdale cum laude 

Kathryn Grant Stonecipher cum laude* 

Bryan Neill Stransky 

Tamekia Michelle Straughter 

Tracy Nicole Strickland* ** 

Jeffrey Alan Stroehlein 

Elisa J. Stuckey 

Delia Suarez 

Margaret Mary Suehr* 

Simone Esther Sulwer 

James J. Sulya** 

Carybeth Ellen Sutton 

Emi Tamura 

Tomei Tanaka 

Frank Marshall Taylor** 

Joshua Alan Taylor*** 

Lainie Joy Tepper magna cum laude* 

Hilary Mechell Thompson* 

Matthew Richard Thompson magna cum laude 

Ashley Elizabeth Tice 

Marc Michael Torney aim laude* 

Jeffrey Paul Trapp cum laude* 

Vincent Stephen Travaglini 

Jeffrey W. Trexler 

Sara Joy Tripp magna cum laude* 

Costas Nicos Tsouloupas summa aim laude* 

Brandy Kay Tulo-Lang summa cum laude 

Thomas John Urbanski 

Steven Mark Utley 

Kristin M. VanDine 

Steven Richard Vestal magna cum laude* 

Brandon Vinson 

Katrina Demetra Waligorski 

Robert Hart Walker 

Christopher Allen Walls 

Sonya Renee Walls 

Ryan Forrest Warner 

Jill Renee Watson* 

Christine Anna Webb 

Daniel Adam Webb 

Rachel Dawn Webb 

Nancy Jeannette Weichert magna aim laude* 

Hilary Beth Wheeler 

Amanda Marie Wichern* 

Krista Ann Williams 

Lance Edward Williams 

Myriam Williams 

Thomas Grant Williams magna cum laude* 

Troy Alfred Williams 

Danny Lee Wilson 

Scott Randall Wilson 

Courtney Kathleen Winne cum laude* 

Erik A. Wong 

Chad Aron Wood 

Bryan Austin Woodruff 

Shane Jason Woods 

Molly Elizabeth Worthen magna aim laude* 

John T. Wright 

Matthew G. Yonke 

Jeffery Mark Young, Jr. 

Jessica Lynn Zaccagnini* 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Kathleen Anne Altermatt 

Brett Dunkirk Bennett 

Jacob R. Berta 

Kathryn Margaret Berwanger magna cum laude 

Sarah Elizabeth Brandish cum laude* 

Gwendolyn Louise Cawthon 

Jae-Won Choi 

Marcie Sue Davenport 

Christopher B. Davis 

Joshua Dorta 

Charles Sean Enzwiler* 

Steven Dale Foutch, Jr. summa aim laude* 

Amy Claire Fox* 

Sarah Ann Frigolett 

Scott Lee Gamble 

Margaret Sarah Lucille Goodman cum laude 

James Robert Gorman 

Rebecca Lee Harris magna cum laude* 

Jacob Ernest Harrison aim laude 

Emily Virginia Hillerich 

Tabitha Lynn Jury 

Eftychia Karsera 

Satoru Kasahara 

Felicia Nichole Kelly cum laude 

Dokyun Kim 

LeeAnn Marie Kitzman 

Ross John Kostelnik 

Eric S. Larabee 

Adam D. Like 

Lolita Lonyea Mack* 

Heather Sue McCarron aim laude* 

Earnest G. Menocal 

Trisha Lynn Mills 

Rosalia Cruz Murillo aim laude 
Timothy Christian Parli* 
Paul Daniel Porter 
Kathryn M. Randall 
Dia Jo Rodely 
Susan Marie Roewe 
Jonathan Elias Sangster 
Franklin Manuel Solares 
Matthew Ryan Speroni 
Nathan Ian Stapleton-McKinzie 
Kathryn Dawn Stiegman 
James Christopher Tierney 
Tony Tramaine Ware 
Jason Allen Warren 
William Thomas Welch II 
Amy Marie Winkel 

Bachelor of Music 

Eric William Bandera** 
Heather Nicole Brunner 
Tanya K. Chapman 
Photos Hadjiloizou 

Joseph Michael Palermo 
Daniel James Truitt 
Jeffery Dell Valperts 

Bachelor of Science 

Muhammad I. Abdulqaadir 

Cecila Alcaraz Ayala 

Nwamaka Augustina Anaza magna cum laude* 

KaMeisha Janai Armstead 

August B. Arrigo 

Brad Charles Austin 

Jennifer Marie Barry 

Megan Michelle Baucom 

Valerie Jayne Beimfohr 

Nicole Irene Bihlmeier 

Jessica Camille Blackford 

Tiffany Sharie Blakey 

Ryan James Kekoa Blangiardi 

Sherrell Denise Bolden 

Matthew Adam Borowicz 

Stacie Jo Boyer 

Grace Marie Bozzi aim laude 

Jennifer Leah Bramm aim laude 

Amanda Nicole Brooks 

Sherry Anne Brooks cum laude 

Akilah Shani Brown 

Erica Elizabeth Brown 

Brandie Camille Bush 

Tracy Marie Callmer 

Carl Joseph Campanella 

Scott Eugene Cames 

Jason Michael Coe 

Douglas Jason Cogswell* 

Michelle Lynn Cook 

Mary Elizabeth Cravens aim laude* 

Anthony John Di Domenico 

Cecelia Renee Dussault 

Dawn M. East 

Joni Lynn Easterday 

Amanda Pearl Eddleman 

Kimberly E. Ellis 
Etabuno R. Eruteya 
David A. Eschbaugh, Jr. 
Billi Lou Esker 
Karyn Diane Ferguson 
Kyle William Gansel 
Candice Anica George 
Morgan Laurel Greif 
Rachael Lynn Gudgel 
Michael Louis Hadley 
Courtney A. Hamm 
Mark Harper 
Tyree Joseph Harper 
Christa Renee Harrington 
Dorothy Mae Harris-Terrell 
Angela Yvette Harvey 
Ronald Isaac Hauptmann 
William Matthew Hays 
Matthew D. Heath 
Tedgie Dawn Hennel* 
Kimberly Nicole Hoben 
Devon Elizabeth Horn 
Joselyn Danae Howell 
Kaneda Faye Irvin 
Lawanda Telicia Jackson 
Patrick Bryen Johnson 
Kellin Vennesia Jordan 
Bryan Ashley Kagel 
Lisa Nicole Karpf 
Sybil Denise Kennedy* 
Thomas William Kent 
Emily Danielle Koehler 
Joseph David Kruk 
Jonah Ian Lawhead 
Tesheka Miyosha Lee 

Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Elizabeth Ann Lively 

Katrina Anne Luke 

Justin McNeel Lytle 

Timothy Keegan McGee 

Angela Annette McMath 

Shazad Hosi Mehta 

Robyn Lynne Mendenhall* 

Harry Lee Minor 

Brian Scott Myers 

Venedy Michelle Neal 

Thomas E. Netzel* 

Jason LaMar Newell 

Meghan Cristin O'Brien 

John William O'Connell 

Chidi Okisor Enzemeka Natus Okonmah 

Julie A. Orlandini 

Brandee Shannon Packard 

Keith Anthony Parkinson 

Katherine M. Patterson 

Sze-Wei Peng 

Traci Marie Pulver cum laude*** 

Jefferey Joseph Rechner 

Jessie Marie Reynolds 

Nick Huskinson Ridge 

Kamikka Shenae Roberts 

Nicole Elaine Roberts* 

Liana Renee Rothermel 

Stephen Lawrence Samuels 

Adam Wayne Schauf 

Tabith Jeanette Scott 

Daniel David Sherman 

Sarah Elizabeth Shively 

Brian M, Silver 

Tyquila Monique Sims 

Shelley Anne Lorinda Soliman 

Shayna Rae Sommers 

Stephanie Ann Steinkamp 

Demetrea Rachael Sheree Stewart 

Alison Joy Thompson 

Shawn Lorenzo Tinsley 

Ryan Shawn Trueblood 

Stephen Allen Twnellato 

Ryan Richard Van Osdol aim laude 

Christopher Douglas Walson 

LaChandra L. Washington 

Ken Watanabe 

Michael Frank Whelan magna cum laude 

Kelly Jo Whitman 

Kristi Anne Wicevic 

Craig Layne Wilderman 

Erin Danielle Williams 

Natalie Ann Wodynski 

Neal Leslie Young 


Order of Exercises 

College of Education and Human Services 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings, Introduction of Platform Party, and Opening Remarks 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 

Commencement Address 

Carl E. Anderson, Ed.D., Vice President for Student Affairs, Howard University, 
Washington, DC (Retired) 

Introduction of Senior Class Speaker 

John Mclntyre, Associate Dean for Teacher Education and School Partnerships 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Education and 
Human Services on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Introduction by Patricia B. Elmore, Associate Dean for Administrative Services 

Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 

Jackie Cox, Clinical Instructor 

Introduction of Alumni Welcome Speaker 

Norma Ewing, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs 

Alumni Welcome 

Glenn Poshard, Chairman, Board of Trustees, SIU 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

William Henk, Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 

Lyle White, Chair, Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education 

David Birch, Chair, Department of Health Education and Recreation 

Peter Carroll, Acting Chair, Department of Physical Education 

James E. Bordieri, Director, Rehabilitation Institute 

Mizanur Miah, Director, School of Social Work 

Fred Reneau, Chair, Department of Workforce Education and Development 

Closing Remarks 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIU Alumnus, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Education and Human Services 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 

James Schreiber, Grand Marshal 

Paul Bates, Marshal 

Keith Waugh, Marshal 

Debra Johnson-Jones, Marshal 

Paula Davis, Marshal 

Joanne Chezem, Marshal 

Brian Rice, Marshal 

Daniel Becque, Marshal 

Theresa Robinson, Student Marshal 

Clora Mae Baker, Usher 
Linda McCabe-Smith, Usher 
Edward Little, Usher 
Regina Foley, Reader 
Marcia Anderson, Reader 
Lynn Smith, Reader 
Kenneth Simpson, Reader 
Elaine Jurkowski, Reader 
Kathleen Welshimer, Reader 
Donna Wilson, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephanie Paulette Abney 
Stacey Marie Acevez 
Mark Alan Ackerson 
Christopher M. Adam 
Shauna Maria Adams 
Shelby Elaine Adkinson cum 

Ronald Lee Akers summa aim 

Nora Elizabeth Allred magna 

aim lande* 
Theresa Louise Allyn summa 

aim laude 
Krystal Anne Ames magna aim 

Cynthia Stoddard Armstrong 
Ronald R. Asendorf 
Penelope Renee Ashford 
Jason Atkins 
Kearston Royce Austin 
Carlos Avelar aim laude 
Nora Elena Ayala 
Kevin Jerome Bacot 
Leo Marino Baena 
Erica Dawn Bailey* 
Dwight Douglas Baker 
Emilie J. Balan magna aim laude 
Evegelio Credo Balan, Jr. sutnma 

aim laude 
Jodi Lynn Ball aim laude 
Ryan Wayne Bandy 
Samantha Jo Banning magna 

aim laude 
Miguel Barba 
Joe Nathan Barnes 
Cheryl L. Barr magna aim laude 
Dalleana Dawn Baylink 
Laura L. Bean 
Sarah Elizabeth Beasley 
Mandy Lynn Beck 
Kathleen J. Bee* 
Gilfredo Castro Belantes aim 

Wade Belcher 
Eugene Reuben Bell 
Freddie Andrea Bell, Jr 

Melvona Phalisa Berryman 
Mindy Lynn Beurskens 
David James Biddinger 
Brandon Scott Biddle 
Sarah Ann Bierman summa aim 

Nesha Valise Billins 
Marcia J. Bissett-Cline* 
Aaron Douglas Black 
Richard Black 

Cathy S. Blake magna aim laude 
Booker Teliapherra Bland, Jr. 

magna aim laude 
Andrea Lanette Blazier 
Teresa M. Bliss aim laude 
Mary Elizabeth Bohnert magna 

aim laude 
Marcia Corrine Bonawitz 
Brett Evan Bottorff 
Samuel Alexander Bouyer aim 

Charlotte Ann Bowden 
Melissa Rae Bowen 
Debbie Marie Bowles 
Patrick Michael Boyne 
Mona Bradford 
Joseph A. Brady, Jr. magna aim 

Marie A. Brasher 
William H. Brayfield aim laude 
Everett E. Breakall 
David A. Breeden, Sr. aim laude 
Beth Ann Bricker 
Courtney Camille Britton 
Cory Alexander Broadwater 
Darren Darnell Brooks 
David Alexander Brooks, Jr. aim 

Cheryl Joyce Brown 
Cindy Ann Brown 
Freddie O. Brown aim laude 
Krysta Gayle Brown 
Nadiyah Nanette Brown 
Nicholas James Winchester 

Robin Rene Brown aim laude 

Jenna Michelle Brunaugh magna 

cum laude** 
Sharon Elizabeth Brunner 
Ornella Buccino-Jones magna 

cum laude 
Andrew Joseph Buckner 
Bridget Leigh Buffington magna 

cum laude 
Lauren Ann Burchall 
Kimberly Denise Burgrabe aim 

James William Burke 
Tiffney Lynne Burns 
Jennifer Lea Butler 
Sheri Lorene Butts 
Amanda Kathryn Byron magna 

cum laude 
Teofilo Velasco Cabasada 
Rebecca Jane Cadle 
Keith Gary Cain magna aim 

William Calvin Cain magna aim 

Jeffrey Carl Callender 
Richard Camargo 
Chuck Dwayne Campbell aim 

Jacqueline Campbell 
Larry Duane Campbell 
Mark Allan Campbell cum laude 
Joseph E. Cannon 
Nathan James Carey cum laude 
Curtis Allen Carpenter summa 

cum laude 
Gabriel Drew Carr 
Jimmy Carreon 
Courtney Elisabeth Carroll* 
Brittini Alin Carscallen 
Antonio Jerome Carson magna 

cum laude 
Carleen Yvonne Cary 
Carmen Necole Casasola 
Richard I. Casella, Jr. 
Roxanne Lavonne Cassidy 
Rodney Cassity cum laude 
Joseph Cortez Caston 


Boris Cates 

Andrew Edward Cenkush 
Kelly Lynn Chaplain cum laude 
Patricia Helena Chase 
Constantine Ulysses Chavis 
Kristen Delene Chiaventone 
James Allen Chidester II 
John Leonardo Chionchio 
Courtney Lynn Church 
Richard Frederick Civiletti 
Alesha Mara Clarida cum laude 
Sharilyn Dionne Clark-Riley 
Suzanne Leigh demons 
Timothy Joseph Clough summa 

cum laude 
Janelle Marie Coan 
Juli Lynne Coble 
James Cocklin, Jr. 
Daniel Wade Coffield magna 

cum laude 
Lori Blanche Coggin 
Barbara Rose Cohen 
Bryan T. Coleman 
Nelda Ann Coleman 
Valerie Ann Collins 
Sonja Michelle Comer 
James Joseph Cook III cum laude 
Sameria Yvette Cornish aim 

Martin Cortez magna cum laude 
Chrystal Dawn Cox magna cum 

Ronald E. Crabtree, Jr cum laude 
Matthew Duane Craig* 
Larry Joe Crain 
Timothy Crane aim laude 
Ronald J. S. Crook 
Tiffany Janyce Crutcher cum 

Angela Carisse Cummings 
Eula E. Cunningham 
John Edward Dabney 
Neffisatu Jamila Celestine 

Jennette Natasha Dandrade 
Crystal Lee Bernice Dandridge- 

Kenneth Wayne Daniel 
LaVorgia Renya Danley 
Jessica Lynn Daugherty aim 

Sylvia Carol Davidson* 
Adrian Davila Zapata 
Jeanie Marie Davis magna aim 

Stephen Patrick Davis 
Willie Davis III 
Chrystal Leigh Davisson magna 

cum laude* 
Mark Christopher Dawley 
Kyle Suzanne Deere summa cum 


Kristin Marie Deisinger cum 

Manuel Isidro dela Pena cum 

Roland Clay Delauney cum 

Dean Allen Derenburger 
Jason Patrick Devin 
LaDonna Kay Dexter magna cum 

Michael David DeGrassi 
Michael Allen DeLashmutt 
Vincent Anthony DePersio cum 

Jerry William DeYoe 
Paula Marie DiDomenico summa 

aim laude* 
Ambrea Beth Douglas* 
Rhonda Lynn Douglas cum laude 
Jeremy Ray Downen 
David Matthew Draper 
Melissa Ann Dreas magna cum 

Matthew Eugene Duckworth 
Yvonne A. Duke cum laude 
Jason David Dulon magna aim 

Mecca Tyus Dumpson 
Kurt A. Duncker magna cum 

Stephany Ann Dutton 
Stephanie Marie Earley 
Brian Scott Ebers 
Daniel Brian Edelstein 
Robert T. Edgar II magna aim 

Sarah Linette Edler magna cum 

Robert Michael Edling 
Barbara Lynn Edwards 
Charles Paul Edwards III 
Jessica Marie Edwards 
Amy Beth Ehlers cum laude 
Robert J. Eichhorst 
Elise Kathleen Eifert aim laude* 
Julie Ann Elliott* 
Adam Christopher Emery 
Suzette Joyce Ennis 
Heather D. Epperson* 
William Samuel Erwin magna 

cum laude 
Gabriela Eshrati 
Scott Charles Evans aim laude 
Brian Neal Evilsizer 
Willie G. Ezell 
Judy Saylor Farkash summa cum 

Shay Lynn Farner 
Lisa Jo Federwitz aim laude 
Jennifer Anne Fickenscher* 
Jacquelyn Marie Flaggs 
Amanda Dawn Fleming magna 

cum laude* 

Julie Dianne Flesner 
Tammy Yong Foran 
Carolyn Grace Ford 
Melinda Diane Ford 
Kristin Danella Foreman 
Janet Renee Fort magna cum 

David Mathew Foss 
Travis Wayne Foster 
David Neil Fowler 
Crystal D. Franco 
Henry Alan Franklin 
Kim Renee Frasson 
Melissa Maria Freeman* 
Rosalind Renee Friday 
Elizabeth Rachel Friedman 
Kevin William Friend 
Elizabeth Gail Frothingham cum 

Heather Elizabeth Frydrych 
Rachael Michelle Fuery 
Josh Funke* 
Michael William Gaines cum 

Mark Michael Galien 
Robert Vincent Gallegos summa 

cum laude 
Annette Dyanah Gant 
Ronald Curtis Garcia 
Vincent D. Gardner magna cum 

Julian Arturo Garibay magna 

aim laude 
William A. Garren summa aim 

Rachael Christena Garrett 
Jessica Lynn Garrison 
Lizbeth Gaston-Cruz 
Mary F. Gates Gully 
Adam C. Gates 
Leyna Dawn George 
Roger D. George 
Adam Robert Getty magna cum 

Paul J. Gibbons cum laude 
Sheila Helena Giles 
Deaun Marque Gillespie 
Latrica Ameenah Gillis 
Kimberly Kae Gilstrap 
Tara Renee Glasco magna cum 

Valentine Therese Glover 
Stefanie Lynn Goodfellow 
Monica Rae Gorecki 
Tamara Marie Gowin* 
Monica Denean Granderry 
Lisa Ellen Greathouse 
Charlotte Hope Green aim 

Donald Green, Jr. 
John C. Greer magna cum laude 
Shelley K. Griffiths magna cum 



Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Michael James Grimm 
Elizabeth Grines 
Toni Michelle Grob 
Gwenda Lee Groves magna cum 

Michelle D. Grubaugh 
Robert S. Gunzel 
Heather Ann Gurley 
Rebecca Louise Gustafson cum 

Monique Sosa Guzman 
Michael Lynn Hadden magna 

aim laude 
John Joseph Hagerty 
Tennille Marketa Hairston cum 

Britney Nicole Hall summa cum 

Nathan E. Hall 
Robin Marie Hall 
Bertreassia Loraine Hamilton 
Jason Wayne Hamilton 
Kimberly Lynn Hamilton aim 

Sherry L. Hamilton 
Tawnya Jo Hungate Hammers 
Raymond Hankins 
Nancy Septa Hanks 
Justin William Hanninen 
Dana M. Harmon summa cum 

Brandi Leigh Hargrave 
Lada Patricia Harland 
Roslyn Floyd Harrell 
Paul Anthony Harris cum laude 
Rosemary Harris 
Rita S. Harriss cum laude 
Amber Nichole Hartline cum 

Michael Edward Hasler 
Jodi Lynn Haven* 
Pamela S. Hawkins 
Christy Jo Hayford 
Kevin Hays 
Sara Elizabeth Hedrick cum 

Heidi Lynn Heilman 
Ronald Louis Heinen 
Sandra C. Heppens tall-Hall 
Maricela Hernandez 

Miranda Jo Hinman 
Laura Christine Hinton aim 

Kyle Matthew Hobbs 
Randall Wayne Hodges cum 

Anthony Richard Hogsett 
Amanda Hansen Holland 
Kristina Elizabeth Holland* 
Kim K. Hood magna cum laude 
Heather Michelle Hopkins 
Sharon Lee Hoselton 
Jessica Ann Howell 
Maura Lindsay Howze 
Mitchell C. Hudson 
Heather Lynne Hughes 
Michael Humm 
Whitney Louise Ing 
David James Isaacson 
Nicole Stephanie Isenberg cum 

Jolonta Yvette Jackson aim 

Mary E. Jackson 
Tony Darrel Jackson 
Souzan Jafari 
Jeffrey Harold James 
Tieacsha M. James 
Michael Thomas Janke cum 

Catena L. Jeffcoat 
Shutoka Onie Jefferson 
William Thomas Jefferson, Jr. 
Bethany Lynn Jenkins aim 

Kimberly Ruth Jenkins magna 

cum laude 
Denise Jean Jerrels 
Nathan Blake Jesser 
Ryan M. Jobe cum laude 
Angela Marie Joggerst 
Alan Ricardo Johnson 
Keith L. Johnson magna cum 

Robert Smith Johnson II 
Sharon Denise Johnson 
Timothy Craig Johnson 
Antonio Jermon Jones 
Brian L. Jones summa aim laude 
Clinton Lee Jones 

Valerie Lynn Herren summa cum Debra Shawn Jones 


Amanda Lynn Herrick 
Andra Lynn Hicks cum laude* 
Sharrae Denise Higginbotham 
William Russell Higgins summa 

cum laude 
JoAnn Fay Hill cum laude 
Lanita Othella Hill 
Lori Jean Hill cum laude 
Rhonda Renee Hill 
Thomas Hiltl summa cum laude 

Kenneth E. Jones 
Kenneth I. Jones, Sr. 
Lizzie Beatrice Jones 
Patricia A. Jones magna cum 

Victor Jordan, Jr. 
Kevin Peter Joyce 
Danielle Royshun Judon 
Krista Leigh Karlstrom 
Gerald Mark Karst, Jr. aim laude 
James Kawai Kaupe, Jr. 

Joseph Wayne Kelly cum laude 
Todd Ryan Kelly 
Laurie Marsala Kemp 
Michelle Lynn Kerley 
David Ratliff Kessler 
Denie R. Kiger 
Steven Edward Killam 
Boyoung Kim 
Jeffery Bernard Kimbro, Sr. 
Adrienne Michelle Kimes aim 

Jeffrey Walter King aim laude 
Kellie Lenn King 
Morgan Elizabeth King* 
Willie King, Jr. aim laude 
John Allen Kittel magna aim 

Harold E. Klapp 
John William Knipe magna cum 

Iesha Odessa Knox 
Paul A. Knox cum laude 
Bobby Boback Kohzadi 
Kristina Marie Kolmer* 
Ryan Steven Kosutic 
Kathy L. Krisfaluzy summa cum 

Amanda Kutsulis 
Anne Frances Kuzmanich 
Nancy Ellen Laidley 
Christopher Shawn Lammens 

summa aim laude 
Winifred Dedie Landrum 
Paul Alan Larochelle 
Erika Beth Lasater magna cum 

Jessica Ann Lawson 
Joseph Daniel Lazzerini 
Kristin M. Leatherman 
Steve Taulepeti Lefiti 
Dallas Craig Legates 
Carolyn Rose Leny 
Sylvia T. Leon 
Frederick Louis Leopold 
Natalie Renee Leslie 
Gary E. Letona 
Jay Eugene Leturno 
Alicia Jovan Lewis 
Kammy Lee Lewis 
Carol Janiell Lilly 
Mark R. Lindblade 
Rodney Lee Lindsey 
James V. Little 
Steven Eugene Livings 
Deanna Lynne Lohman 
Hector Lopez cum laude 
Keith James Lundberg 
Alton Clifford Lundin magna 

cum laude 
Jeanine Cathrine Lupo 
Marcie Lynn Lutch 
Amanda Michelle Lyon 


Joseph C. Magnio 

Jennifer Marie Mahanna aim 

Michael Patrick Mahoney 
Crystal Jo Malawy 
James A. Manning 
Bonnita Enisa Manuel 
Leticia Magana Marino magna 

aim lande 
Patricia Ann Marke 
Dana Katherine Markoski aim 

Jeffrey Kenneth Marks 
Dwight Scott Marsden 
Donna Marie Martin 
Jennifer Ann Martin aim laude* 
Shawnon Gabriel Martin 
William David Martinez 
Henry Etta Mason 
Carlise Lawanda Matchett 
James B. Matchett 
Linda Marie Matthews 
Natalie Ann Marts* 
Tracey Y. Mckenzie 
Kimberly Kay McBride* 
Thomas Michael McCall summa 

aim laude* 
Amanda Sue McCarthy* 
Jason Anthony McClean magna 

aim lande 
Chris R. McDermott 
Lynn Lysbeth McEachern 
Tracy Lynn McGrath aim laude 
Kevin Bernard McKenzie 
Carolyn Kenna McLeod aim 

Matthew Tyson McMahon 
Keya LaShawn McMillian 
Ronald Demetruis McMillon 
Megan Anne McNeal* 
Gordon E. Meddles 
Daniel Medina cum laude 

Racquel Anya Moolchan 
Sarah Kate Mooney-Hess 
Bernadette J. Moore 
Marcia Laraine Moore 
Thearsa Ann Moore* 
Colleen Anne Moran cum laude 
Anthony John Moretto magna 

cum laude 
Patricia Ann Morgan 
Randy Guy Morris 
Victor H. Moscoso 
Lisa Anne Moutria 
Gina Renee Mueller 
Gene Elmer Munson cum laude 
Bruce Irvin Murphy cum laude 
Gregory Gerard Nabors aim 

Paul Alexander Nawrot 
John Michael Neal 
Ronald O. Neely summa cum 

Gregory Paul Negron 
Jennifer M. Nelson aim laude 
Makane Lee Nesler 
Erin Teresa Noble cum laude 
Deidre Ann Nolen 
Jack Berry O'Boyle 
Robert Daniel O'Brien cum laude 
Kaleena Mae Ogle magna cum 

Angela Diane Rednour Olson 
Stefanie Karen Olson cum laude 
Gwendolyn Anna Opel aim 

Katonya Lynn Orr 
Jodi Catherine Orsa 
Jay Kazuyoshi Oshiro 
Tammy A. Pacini 
Christine Marie Padula 
Lord S. Page 
Kristen Simone Palmer 
Erica Kay Pankey 

Kelly Michelle Meeks aim laude* Michael Wayne Pardue 

Carmen Rowena Meherg 
Patrick Allen Melcher magna 

cum laude 
Scott Allen Mello summa cum 

Matthew William Mercer 
Claudia Sue Merrett cum laude 
Jeffrey L. Merritt aim laude 
Cassie Lea Meyer 
Chareatta Lynn Milan 
Barbara Michelle Miller 
Robert Christopher Miller 
Manuel Jesus Miranda cum laude 
Anthony Ray Mitchell 
Pamela Denise Mitchell 
Chitose Mizushima 
Richard James Moe 
Anthony John Moloney 
Ashley Faye Monier 
Tracy Lynn Montgomery 

Christopher Lee Parrett 
John C. Pavao, Jr. magna cum 

Adam Michael David Peper 
Cozzy Peters 

Maureen Elizabeth Peterson 
Gregory Frank Petranek summa 

aim laude 
Felicia M. Pettiford 
Dustin Ray Phillips 
Markus S.A. Phillips 
Heather Marie Picklesimer aim 

Regina Marie Pieron 
Ebony J. Pierre 
Janet Frances Pinckney 
Dana Renee Pinkston 
Kathryn Lynn Piatt* 
Sarah Beth Podobinski 
Angie D. Ponders 

Shirley Denise Porter-Morrow 

Jude R. Porter 

Eugene F. Povolish 

Antonio R. Powell 

Kevin Dion Powell 

Craig James Preston 

Heather Louise Price 

Sherrie M. Prince 

Tina M. Provo summa aim laude 

Kendra Rae Pugh 

Cory Joseph Purintun 

Antonia G. Radek aim laude* 

Cassandra R. Rainey 

Kabir S. Rao cum laude 

Maura Kathleen Raslowsky 

Myxay Rattanasavanh 

Keith Randall Ravenel cum laude 

John Malik Rawlinson 

Sara Marie Ray 

Priscilla Denise Rayson 

Markellus Latrell Reid 

Suzanne Rensing cum laude 

Rebecca Marie Rettich 

Christa Michele Rexing 

Bryant Jermaine Rice 

Garfield A. Richards 

Lewis Alan Richardson aim 

Kittie Michelle Riecan** 
Brian Damian Riggs 
Percy Riley, Jr. 
Michael Peter Rizzo 
Lovie Dwyane Robb 
Paige Ann Robbins 
Kay E. Robertson 
Brandon Lee Robinson 
Eugenia Maria Robinson 
Steven T. Robinson 
Anne N. Rodewald 
Samuel Joaquin Rodriguez 
Kristin Elizabeth Roever 
James Mark Rogers 
John Quinn Rogers 
Mario Martin Roiz magna cum 

Melody Jean Roney 
David N. Rose magna cum laude 
Bethany Lea Rosser magna aim 

Maria Ann Royse cum laude 
Michael Joseph Ruark 
Nicholas Victor Rudolph 
Kirs ten M. Ruhland aim laude 
Amy Marie Ruzich 
Kathleen Margaret Ryan 
Michael Kenneth Rzeczycki 
James Charles Thomas Sabin 

summa aim laude 
Rachel Lee Sadler aim laude 
Gregory Ladon Sanders cum 

Misty Renee Sanders 
Craig Ricardo Sands 


Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Abby Jane Sasek 

Jimmy Hogt Scarbrough 

Jason L. Schaubert 

Alea Marie Schlimpert 

Brian Paul Schlitt 

Gerald Anthony Schumacher 

Deborah Susan Schumann 

Jon A. Schwabenbauer 

Matthew Lewis Scott 

Ray William Seaver 

Niranda Galadriel Sellars 

Peter Sevilla III 

Jennifer Leigh Shaughnesy 

Latisha Lynn Shaw 

Lori A. Shelby aim laude 

M. Darlene Sherman* 

Shanna Lee Shirreffs cum laude 

Jeffrey Ted Short 

Joseph Sikora summa cum laude 

Raymond John Simek 

Debora Jean Simmons magna 

aim laude 
Joyce Elaine Simmons 
Robert Douglas Simmons, Jr. 

cum laude 
William Scott Sindle cum laude 
Jaime Vicencio Singh 
Jesse Robert Smith-Fulia 
Benjamin Daniel Smith* 
Cornelius J. Smith III summa 

aim laude 
Janel Nichole Smith 
Natasha Chanel Smith magna 

aim laude 
William H. Smith, Jr. aim laude 
Sasha Ann Snapp* 
Twila Gaye Snow 
Lynn Ann Snyder* 
Jessica Lynn Soderlund 
Kathleen Marie Sollami aim 

Serina Sota magna aim laude* 
Madonna Leber Spann magna 

aim laude* 
Elisa Marie Speck 
Michael James Speckan 
Tarina Joan Speidel 
Cheri L. Spence 
Justin David Spencer aim laude 
Jill Terese Spillone 
Charlie Jackson Spruill III 
Jill Ann Stamborski 
Eleanor Kestrel Starck aim laude 
Ashley Erin Starr cum laude 
Jill Lynn Stein 
Kevin Lee Steinbrecher aim 

Steven A. Steiner 
Timothy M. Stephenson 
Michelle Lee Stevens cum laude 
Natalie Lenore Stevens magna 

aim laude* 

Charleen Gale Stevenson 
Libby Maureen Stevenson 

magna cum laude 
Bryan Douglas Stewart 
Tara LeAnn Stewart cum laude 
Daniel A. Stipanuk 
Allison M. Stock 
Jennifer Lynn Stokes 
April Nichole Stonebreaker 
Brandon Micheal Strauss 
Nyles Benjamin Stuart 
Paraskevi Andreas Stylianou* 
Laurie Lisa Sullivan 
Timothy Leroy Sullivan 
Timothy A. Sume magna cum 

Kristen Lynn Suryk 
Analisa Sweat aim laude 
Brian Micheal Swire 
Cynthia J. Szczepanski cum 

Bruce Thai Tang 
Clarissa P. Tarnate 
Jennifer Elizabeth Tate cum 

William James Taurianen 
Felicia Ann Taylor-Nixon 
Hiam Chami Taylor 
Joshua Alan Taylor* ** 
Richard Taylor magna aim laude 
Shauntai Paree Taylor 
Tia Marie Taylor aim laude 
Connie S. Terrell aim laude 
Heath Patrick Thomas cum laude 
Ronald L. Thomason 
Oscar L. Thompson 
Linda Jean Thorpe 
Elizabeth Marie Thouvenot 
Elliot Twain Threat 
Sean Wayne Thuilliez 
Richy O'Neal Tibbs 
David Duane Tiensvold aim 

Rachel Ann Tilley 
Carrie Evelyn Titus 
Christopher Andrew Todd 
Ernest Polk Todd 
Kathy Lynn Toler aim laude* 
Angela Renea Tomlinson cum 

Ronald Tousant 
Michael Curtis Tow summa aim 

Marian Sue Travis 
Lisa Lynn Trigleth magna cum 

Gary Eugene Trimble 
Linda Tripp 
LaShawn Tucker 
Marci Donelle Tupper 
Sherri A. Tyrrell 
Gonzalo M. Valenzuela 

Elizabeth Ann Vancil* 
Heather Lynne van den Bosch 

cum laude 
Paul M. VanDriel cum laude 
Leroy Paul Van Why magna aim 

Adam Richard Vaughan 
Kay Currimings Vierra 
Kimberly Loraine Vinson 
Harry J. Viscarra 
Roseann C. Vogt magna cum 

Brandon Earl Walker 
Kenton E. Walker cum laude 
Rana Louise Walker summa aim 

Lindsey Christine Walsh 
Amanda Jean Walter 
Thomas Edward Walton 
Michael Lee Ward 
Thomas Michael Ward, Jr. 
Brigitte DeNorian Warde 
Dallas Rebedeau Warden 
Lillian Belinda Washington cum 

Lavar Jamaall Watkins 
Linda D. Watkins 
Tarina Veronica Watson 
Ashley Elizabeth Welch magna 

aim laude 
Scott G. Welch magna cum laude 
Thomas Everett West 
Amanda Rochelle Westbrooks 
Y.B. David Westheimer magna 

aim laude 
Christina Rose White* 
Kendal L. White 
Susan Marie White 
Terry Wayne Wiley cum laude 
Dayna Lynn Will summa cum 

Holly DeAnn Willenborg magna 

aim laude* 
Chundra Danielle Williams 
Craig A. Williams 
Gershom B. Williams 
Joan D. Williams 
Kari A. Williams summa aim 

Necola T. Williams 
Robert Williams, Jr. 
Lonnie Paul Willoughby summa 

cum laude 
Thaddeus Taylor Willoughby 
Beatrice Wilson 
Benny Charles Wilson* 
Bonnie D. Wilson 
Kevin Cecil Wilson 
Mark E. Wilson 
Michael Ray Wilson summa aim 

Randy Wilson 


Steven Eugene Wilson Daniel August Wright magna Robert Dayne Yates cum laude 

Morgan Louise Winskill aim laude Nora Marie Zaccard 

Rachel Lynn Womack Whitney Dawn Wyatt Stephen J. Zeeb cum laude 

Stephen Matthew Woods Reginald Anthony York William A. Zeitler 

Delbert Orville Worrell, Jr. Katherine Alfreda Young John I. Zelasko 

Sarah Lynn Wortel Jill Robin Youngblood Daniel Robert Zutell 

Lawrence Eugene Worthem Kaylan Dawn Younker aim 
Kassandra Rae Wrase cum laude laude 


Order of Exercises 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

11:00 A.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 


Fanfare from Procession of the Nobles, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, Composer 

Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 

Tim Carr and Ruby Weyburg, Trumpets 

Anna Henry, Horn 

Jonathon Merz, Trombone 

Carissa Mattison, Tuba 

Shannon Schmidt, Timpani 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Paul D. Sarvela, Interim Dean 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Harry Fanning, President, ASA Alumni Constituency Society 

Commencement Address 

Admiral Brian G. Brannman 

Presentation of Applied Sciences and Arts Alumni Achievement Award on Behalf of 
the SIU Alumni Association 

Harry Fanning 

Admiral Brian G. Brannman, Recipient 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Larry H. Dietz, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management 

Rickey N. McCurry, Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement 

Paul D. Sarvela, Interim Dean 

Fred R. Isberner, Associate Dean 

William R. Devenport, Interim Chair, Department of Information Management Systems 

Jack S. Greer, Chair, Department of Automotive Technology and Acting Chair, 

Department of Technical and Resource Management 
Charla J. Lautar, Interim Chair, Department of Health Care Professions 
Michael T. Most, Chair, Department of Aviation Technologies 
David A. NewMyer, Chair, Department of Aviation Management and Flight 
Terry A. Owens, Chair, Department of Architecture and Interior Design 
Deborah K. Adams, Assistant Director, Off-Campus Academic Programs 

Alumni Welcome 

Harry Fanning 


Karelia Suite, Alia marcia, Sibelius, Composer, Arranged by Professor Edward M. Benyas, 

SIUC School of Music 
Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 


Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Paul D. Sarvela, Interim Dean 
Mike Behrmann, Marshal 
Stan Pearson, Marhsal 
Robert H. Swenson, Usher 

Lowell Berensten, Usher 
Keith Reinhart, Usher 
Fred R. Isberner, Reader 

Associate in Applied Science 

Tyler William Anderson 
Gisela Maria Barbosa 
Lacresia Rae Barnett 
Jacob Alan Bass cum laude* 
Scott Robert Bodziak 
Andrew Martin Erik Brooks 
David Swan Buser 
Tivias Lavell Caldwell 
Matthew Thomas Clevenger 
Kimberly Pauline Doss 
Adam Arthur Falk 
Hayley Joy Finley 
Jason Matthew Fisher 
Daniel Martin Flannery cum 

Matthew Jon Gierstorf cum 


Jonathan David Greene cum 

Dirk Taylor Guenther cum laude 
Joel Adam Hansen 
Blake Amos Harting 
Kristen Ann Hays cum laude* 
Ji-Seong Heo 
Kimberly Diane Hughes 
Omari Abdalla Johnson 
Krimo Kalache, Jr. 
Wojciech Karol Koziarski summa 

cum laude* 
Jordon Thomas Leighty 
Craig Elliott Lovejoy*** 
Kyle James Lukey summa cum 

Veneda Ruani Marks 

Minnie Kay Minor 

Melissa Sarmaine Mosley 

Evan C. Piemonte 

Eric Michael Piatt 

Ryan Lee Roth summa cum laude 

Joseph Anthony Singer 

Julie M. Skiba 

Patrick Thomas Skonie 

Ravin Renee Stoll aim laude* 

Heather Ann Vosburgh magna 

cum laude 
Brandy M. Wall 
Sara Danielle Wiechert* 
Terry A. Woodfall 
Natapol Yeesarn 

Bachelor of Science 

Christopher Carl Adamow aim 

Christina Kimmy Adams 
Viswa Prashant Kumar 

Tyara Michelle Adway-Smith 
Jeffrey Dean Albert aim laude 
Alexander Aldana magna aim 

Carlisa Fredricka Amoo- 

Kyriacos Zintilis Anastasi* 
Margaret Jane Andrew 
Jeff Michael Ang 
Sarah Anne Angster 
Lori Lee Armstrong magna aim 

Marvin Karl Baer 
Julie Joy Baker 
Mark R. Baker cum laude 
Jose Antonio Balaguer 
David Andrew Baldwin 
Brandi Nicole Barnard 
Kristina Marie Barnwell 
Ryan Micheal Batchelor 
Darren M. Bates 
Ronnie Paul Bays 
Anthony Wayne Bean magna 

cum laude 
Nesive Anthony Bell 
Gregory S. Benson cum laude 
Kenneth Andrew Berger 

Brad Daryl Berns 

Matthew Grant Berry 

Jeffrey Dean Biddulph 

David Scott Bierk* 

John Marshall Bies 

David Alan Biggs 

Jared Robert Blythe 

Ryan Patrick Bobber 

Bryan V. Bobic 

Kevin Norman Bochenek 

Benjamin Edward Bogdan cum 

Vicki Jean Bolton 
Pamela Kay Boner 

John Cornelius Brown, Jr. 
Anthony D. Bucci 
Robert Oliver Buckley 
Mark David Bulvan 
Matthew Dane Burd 
Roderick Bernard Burdine 
Michael Gregory Busch cum 

Alan James Buxman 
Andrea Erin Byrne cum laude 
Robert Thomas Byrne 
Tivias Lavell Caldwell 
Ira Kale Calvert 
Seth Morgan Campbell 
Salvatore Joseph Carapazza 

Matthew Davison Bonham 

Romeo Chris Boodhoo cum laude Jacqueline Valerie Carne 
Andrew Joseph Borkowski James Maurice Carter 

Travis Lee Bostic Peter J. Casey aim laude 

Timothy Boulware Robert Vincent Casey 

Keithe Bradford Timothy John Cassidy 

Mary Elizabeth Bradford magna Bret Lee Castecka cum laude 

aim laude Violet Josephine Castro 

Parke Alan Bradley magna cum Geraldine Casuela* 


Tamekia Marie Branch 
Michelle Branchcomb 
Donna L. Braveboy 
Cody Kathleen Brewer 
Michael Darnell Bridges cum 

Karsen Jerome Brooks 
Eric David Brown 

John F. Cegielski 
Jeremy David Cepa 
Nicholas Todd Challen aim 

Ryan Patrick Chamberlain 
Timothy Lee Chambliss* 
Joseph K. Chang summa cum 



Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Steven Perry Chapman cum 

Emma Jean Chatfield 
Rodney Martinez Chavez 
Kayon William Chin* 
Micah Kelley Chitwood 
Jason Charles Christensen 
Paige William Christensen 

magna aim laude 
John Russell Christian aim laude 
Shu-Hsien Miguel Chu 
Christopher R. Ciolino 
Kelly Ann Clark 
Sherry S. Clark 
Mark Wayne Clarkin 
Gregory Frederick Clements 
Matthew Thomas Clevenger 
John Michael Coats, Jr 
Douglas James Cockburn 

summa aim laude 
William Thomas Colson 
Lauren Allison Col well magna 

aim laude 
Nicholas Tremell Cook 
Richard Alan Cooley 
Brian Harold Cooper 
Michael Patrick Corrigan 
Provine Mark Cosby, Sr. 
Gerald R. Cotton III aim laude 
Shaniqua Lashaye Cousins 
Mark Stephen Cox 
Patrick E. Criswell 
Jerry D. Crump, Jr. 
Sidartha Gabriel Cuevas 
Robert James Culver magna aim 

Susanne Lee Cumrnins 
John Christopher Cunningham 

summa cum laude 
Lori Beth Curl 

McKinley Curtis III aim laude 
Todd Benton Curtis aim laude 
Travis Lane Custer magna aim 

Gregory Alexander Cyrul 
Peter P. D'Souza 
Jamal Michael Davis 
Reginald Sandy Davis 
Tamara Simone Davis 
Timothy Stephen Davis magna 

aim laude 
Veronica Monique Davison 
Chad L. Dean 
Johnny Edward Dean 
Heath Andrew Dehart 
Samantha Marie Denny* 
Anthony Joseph DeAngelis III 
Christopher Diaz 
Hedy Elizabeth Dietzen 
Raisha Antoinette Diggs 
George Frederick Dillemuth 

cum laude 

David Charles Dinges 
Jennifer M. Dixon* 
Mark Harrison Dixon 
Roxanne McGee Dobens 
Christine Carol Dohl magna cum 

Johnny Jermaine Donelson 
Michelle Ann Donnan 
Thomas Holmes Doran cum 

Karen Marie Douglas 
Barbara Marie Drinkrow 
Jamie J. Driscoll 
Steven Bernard Duker 
Jason Patrick Dulany 
Korto Aramintha Dunbar 
Richard G. Dunne 
Delilah Dupree magna aim laude 
Heather Michelle Durbin** 
Amanda Michelle Dycus 
Stacy Ann Dykterok 
Daniel Jason Dziadaszek 
Christy Robin Eads 
Sianatha LaTrale Easter 
Andrea Anita Ebanks 
Donna Marie Edwards 
Henry Alvin Edwards 
Sarah Marie Edwardson magna 

cum laude* 
Alexander McEwen Egan 
Nikki Dee Elliott 
Alan P. Enzbigilis, Jr. 
Jennifer M. Erschen 
Dennise Marie Erwin 
Rudy Escamilla 
Marlon J. Evans 
Vicky Ann Evans cum laude 
Joshua David Faber 
Joseph B. Fagan 
Nicholas Qwen Fahey 
Anthony Joseph Fantozzi cum 

Brian Glen Fay 
George William Fay 
Stephen John Fehrenbacher 
Eileen Akemi Feldman 
Jacquelyn Danielle Fenton cum 

Cheney Brooke Ferguson cum 

Elrico Balanza Fernandez aim 

Lovie Marie Fields 
John Fillicaro 

Richard Charles Fiocchi, Jr. 
Brandon Glen Fisher cum laude* 
Othaey Anne Fisher 
Daniel Martin Flannery aim 

Joseph Michael Flores 
Janna LaDean Flowers 
Michele LaRae Flowers 

Dale Albert Fochs 

Tom Kamanda Fogbawah 

Brigette Silvia Fogle 

Terence Hillary Fontaine 

John Stephen Foote 

Gerald Moodrow Foreman II 

Raymond Albert Forster 

Daniel Joseph Forsythe 

Eric Christopher Fowler 

Jennifer Dianna Franklin summa 

aim laude 
Sylvester Frasier 
Melinda Renee Frazier 
Tara Danielle Freebourn* 
Desiree Farrell Freeman 
Sarah J. Fript cum laude 
Harrison Levi Frost 
Richard Lee Gallens* 
Ronn Frank Gannon cum laude 
Angel Starr Gant 
Lindsay Marie Ganze 
Lisa Dawn Garcia 
Angela Lorraine Gardner 
William Lee Gardner 
Brian Scott Garoutte 
Rosiland Lenora Geter 
John Joseph Giannelli 
Anthony Lynn Gibson cum laude 
Krystal C. Gilmore 
Rachel Leigh Giordano 
Justin Peter Giossi magna aim 

Rosie M. Givhan 
Timothy P. Golyzniak 
Juan J. Gonzalez 
Sean Patrick Gorman 
Monte Duboise Grace 
Joshua Paul Graf 
Kimberly Ann Grant 
Megan Elizabeth Grant 
Leon Emanuel Grazette 
Dustin James Green 
Willie Ira Green 
Keith Andrew Gregory 
Kelly Lynne Gregory 
Brandon Lawrence Grover cum 

Christopher Robert Guare 
Edward A. Gucker 
Johnny Derek Guffey 
Lynn Ann Gunkle 
Paul James Haenke* 
Zahra S. Haider 
Tamara Lynn Hall 
Leslee Delaine Hammers 
Thomas Jacob Hammond magna 

cum laude 
J. A. Mac Hampson 
Christopher Scott Haney cum 

Loren Wesley Haraldsen 
James Lawrence Harden 


Felice Hardin 
Pogiressa Hargitt-Scott 
Dorothy Mae Harris-Terrell 
Jeffrey Michael Harris 
Nancy J. Harris* 
Randall Hempen Harris 
Kyle Robert Harrison summa 

aim laude 
John David Heath II 
Susan Nichole Heinking* 
Jeremy D. Helfert 
Traciea Patriena Henry 
Adam Green Herbert aim laude 
Veronica Ann Hernadez magna 

aim laude 
Dustin Remington Herrmann 

aim laude 
Jimmy Dean High 
Ryan Douglas Hill 
Jason Andrew Hines 
Drew Edward Hinton summa 

aim laude 
Trina Michelle Hoene magna 

aim laude* 
Andrea Christine Holthaus 
Theron Jasper Hudson 
Kevin James Hulford 
Anthony Chad Hull 
Ryan Thomas Hummert 
Joshua Neil Humphreys 
Martin Patrick Hutchinson 
Nathaniel Michael Idehen 
Abby Lynn Irvine 
Cynthia Marie Ivy 
Brittany Lasche Jackson 
Jonathon James Jackson* 
Tachalla Marcus Jackson 
Scott Christopher Jalbert 
DeAndre Lamarr James 
Aaron Cletus Jansen* 
Steffanie B'nai Jenkins 
Yolanda Ellen Jenkins 
Pravin Samuel Jeremiadoss 
Jennifer Lynn Jerominski 
Edward Vincent Jimenez 
David R. Johnsen 
Carl Edwin Johnson, Jr. 
Erick Michael Johnson aim laude 
Karen Michelle Johnson 
Katherine E. Johnson 
Kevin A. Johnson 
Lawrence Johnson 
Loretta Marie Johnson 
Michael Henry Johnson 
Paul Brian Johnson aim laude 
Elton Bernard Jones 
Jarus Kiel Jones aim laude 
Paul J. Jung 

Cid Rigel Kallen cum laude 
Jacob Thomas Kallman** 
Kenneth Andrew Kane 
Daniel Joseph Kapaldo magna 

cum laude 

Justus Dorninic Karban 

Eric Ralph Karsten 

Deborah Shawn Katz 

John Paul Kavanaugh 

Brian Patrick Kazmierzak 

Lynn Sue Kellerman 

Michael Howard Kelley 

Shannon Lea Kelly 

LaToya Nicole Kemp cum laude 

Thomas Patrick Kennedy magna 

cum laude 
Clint Michael Kieffer 
Wesley Wonchul Kim magna 

cum laude 
Timothy Ray Kinnaman 
Sarah Elizabeth Kirk summa aim 

Rebecca Ann Kizior 
Matthew James Kleine 
Jeffrey John Knapp 
Elizabeth Marie Kody 
Edward John Kornfeind 
Justin Michael Kraus aim laude 
Jason Andrew Krelo summa cum 

Travis Derek Krick 
Merlin Anastasia Krieger 
Brian Robert Krueger 
Louis Kucia 
Eric J. Kuhl cum laude 
Joleen Kay Kuhnert 
Shannon Elaine Kull cum laude 
Ty Patrick Kurth 
David John Kurtz cum laude* 
Karan A. Lala 
Patrick John Lammerding 
Eric Christopher Lamp 
Shane Wilson Lange 
Eric Michel Lauderdale 
Julie Helen Laursen magna aim 

Allan Leo Layne, Jr. 
Danilo Manalastas Layson 
Stephanie Lazovick 
Christopher Joseph LaRosa 
Paul Kyncade Leibhart 
Nancy Ann Leli 
Frank Ponce Leon, Jr. 
Alan Joseph Lermer magna cum 

Kimberly Ann Libert 
Timothy Philip Lisowski 
Nancy R. Littleton 
Elizabeth Jean Lorentzen aim 

Steven M. Loser 
Jesse C. Louis, Jr. 
Craig Elliott Lovejoy*** 
Paul Lungu 
Lloyd J. Mackell, Jr. 
Robert Rory Macklem 
Andrew Alex Macklin 
Scott Alegarbes Macphee 

Thomas G. Macz 
LaTrease Malone 
Jason Paul Mancino cum laude 
Marc Matthew Mangiantini 
Norman Arcala Manglicmot 
John Sheridan Manion IV** 
Joe J. Mantel aim laude 
Bryant Marks 
Veronica Ari Martinez 
Lewis Scott Mathis 
Brandon James Matson aim 

Adam Kenneth Matzat 
Amy Marie Mauzer 
Andrea Deanne McKenzie 
Hollie J. McKitrick 
Jill Ann McLean 
Jennifer Anne McMillion 
Melinda Lovann McNealy 
Tames Gregory McTigue 
John Christopher Mearns 
Katie Michelle Mendenhall 
Louis T. Mercado 
Mignon Deneice Mercer 
Alton Lovonne Merricks 
Jonathan Rodney Milan 
Jacob Nathaniel Milder aim 

Andrew Jon Milewski cum laude 
Tracie Jo Miller 
Christopher Kenneth Mills 
Nicholas Ryan Milner 
Terry Lee Mingee 
Mark Bernard Minter aim laude 
Michelle Renee Mitchell cum 

Michelle Renee Molln 
Mark Antione Moman 
Mary Frances Monaghan 
George William Mooney 
Betty Jean Moore 
David Lee Moore cum laude 
Michael C. Moore 
Vonnefreeda Moore cum laude 
Scott Allen Morehouse cum 

Ryan Blaine Moriarity summa 

aim laude 
Everette Gene Morris 
Robert A. Moser 
Joseph J. Moskal cum laude 
Javana C. Mosley-Dawson 
Reginald Mosley 
Carrie N. Mott 
Lora Kathleen Moulton magna 

aim laude* 
James A. Muller 
Jason Michael Mundy 
Latrice Unique Murphy 
Matthew Edward Murphy* 
Erick Brian Murray 
Erin Melissa Murray 
Royce Allen Mydler 


Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Jennifer Lynn Nakoff 
Terrence Montese Nance* 
Samuel Nava Barragan 
Cynthia Jean Neal 
Jacqueline Denise Nelson 
Shawntana Orlando Nelson 
Brian David Newman cum laude 
Teresa Evelyn Nicholas 
Brandon Michael Nordike 
Raul Calderas Noreiga 
Daniel Noutai 
Kimberly Marie O'Brien cum 

Michael Patrick O'Brien 
Tara Denise O'Brien 
Evelyn Renee Ogwu 
Gary Michael Ohrmund 
Wesley Allan Orrill 
Michael James Osborne 
Douglas Joseph Pabst 
Mario Palermo 
Keith Henry Paredes 
Maria Guadalupe Paredes 
Kenneth Adrien Parker 
Sachin M. Patel 
Jessica Denay Paten* 
Maurice Allen Patterson* 
Thomas G. Peer 
Joel Lynn Peirick 
Shavell Lashawn Pelote* 
Jeffery Thomas Cruz Perez 
Charles Allen Peterson 
Jeffrey Lee Philipps 
Julius Haven Phillips 
Thirapol Pimsarn 
Eric Jerome Pinder 
Joshua L. Piper 
Johnnie Patrick Pitts, Jr. 
Andrew Nicholas Podnar 
Meachel Darlene Poe 
Benatare O. Porbeni 
Brandie B. Poulin 
Jacob Paul Povolish 
Stephanie Michelle Preddie 
Wesley Terry Proctor, Jr. 
Jerrad Alan Pruitt 
Traci Marie Pulver cum laude*** 
Edmund Ulanday Punzalan 
Patrick J. Quane 
Damien Quezada 
Ronald Quimby 
Daniel G. Quinn magna cum 

Martin Aaron Rafacz 
Shaun Alan Randell cum laude 
Rusty D. Rayburn 
Daniel Joel Reedy magna aim 

Katrina Lynn Reese 
James Joseph Regan IV 
Kathleen Anne Reilly 
Timothy Joseph Reimer 

Heather Nikkole Reisner 
Josh Paul Rhoades 
Aaron Norris Richart 
James Perry Richey 
Randolph Ivan Ridgeway 
Andrew Paul Riepe magna cum 

Christopher Andrew Ritchie 

cum laude 
Ellen Kathleen Ritter 
Christopher Richard Robinson 
Conor Britton Robinson 
Kymra Patrice Robinson 
Patrick Corneilus Robinson 
Gregory Allen Rodgers 
Connie I. Rodriguez 
Renee Katherine Roers 
Steven Glenn Rogers magna cum 

Andrea Marie Rondeau cum 

Greta Marie Rothe magna cum 

Christopher Travis Rowe magna 

cum laude 
Thomas Lynn Roznovsky 
Bradley Allen Russell* 
Mark Alan Sabroski 
Kenneth Abraham Saffell 
Abel Gerardo Salazar* ** 
Ceferino Alfred Sanchez II 
Sabrina Sandifer- White 
Lionel Sauceda 
Michael Samuel Saville 
Alfred Marland Sawyer, Jr. 
Thomas David Sawyer 
Tyler James Saxsma* 
Robert Francis Schackmann III 
Brice Wayne Schafer 
Michael Robert Schank 
Michael Santo Schillaci 
Barry Joseph Schmelter 
Christopher John Schmidler 
Morgan Kristine Schmit 
Jutta M. Schneider 
Amy Beth Schoonover 
Christophe Robert Schuele 
Paul Anthony Schumacher 
Thomas Daniel Searle cum laude 
Alison Nicole Seerley 
Luis Marcelo Segura 
Adrienne P. Seloover aim laude 
Randolph Dean Shane 
Michael John Shauman cum 

Yancey E. Shaver III aim laude 
Brett Eugene Sheppeard magna 

aim laude 
Todd Lawrence Shirmrvin 
Daniel A. Shriver 
Eric Kristopher Shuler 
Ryan Vevon Sierman 

Adriano Monteibo Lopes Silva 
Martha Elizabeth Sims-Green 
Joshua Joe Siterlet 
Carrie Michelle Sitzman 
John Joseph Smego 
Andrew Ryan Smith 
Julia R. Smith* 
Richard W. Smith 
Sharon Bernice Smith 
Travis Sterling Smith 
Robert Edward Smithberger 

summa cum laude 
Troy Evan Snow 
Kimberlie A. Snyder 
Himmer Soberanis 
Joshua D. Soileau 
Philip Anthony Spiwak 
Steven E. Sprout 
Timothy David Staab summa 

cum laude* 
Tyler Chase Stanger 
Scott Allen Statton 
Jacqueline Steenbakker 
Brian Joseph Stefany 
Ryan Matthew Steiner 
Nicholas Charles Steker 
Jodi Rennee Stephan 
Justin Robert Stephens 
Brandon Ross Stewart 
Lucy Ann Stewart 
Eric Douglas Stice 
Gail Stockman 
Maurice Stokes 
Beth Joleen Stork 
Kay Vanessa Stoudemire 
Joseph Kevin Stransky magna 

aim laude 
Cory L. Stubbs 
Cole Robert Stutz magna cum 

James LaVone Sumlin 
Angel N. Surra tt 
Courtney Michelle Sykes 
Abdoulaye Sylla 
Michele Lee Tapocik cum laude 
Hala Tayar 
Diana Allen Taylor 
Nickoy Taylor magna aim laude 
Rondale Dehon Taylor 
Christopher Michael Tessler 

aim laude 
Francine C. Tevis 
Stephanie Jones Theater 
Joseph Nathan Thomas 
Robert Wayne Thomas, Jr. 
Brian Andrew Thompson 
Collette Skyers Thornton 
Robert Craig Thunder 
Guy Rocco Tiberio III aim laude 
Sandra Leigh Timmons cum 

Vakia Dae Timmons 


Carl Anthony Tindall 

Jody Elaine Tison 

Adam Robert Tissot 

Calvin Lamont Tolbert 

Akira Tomii 

David Torres swnma aim laude* 

Robert Junior Torres 

Jeffrey Adam Torrey 

Kimberly Helena Tran 

Kitty M. Triplett 

Sarah Jane Triplett 

Edgar Borja Tuliao 

Dorothy Uy 

David Valentine III 

John Michael Van Etten 

Richard Vang 

Toni Sue VanMiddlesworth 

Shannon Raquel Varnado aim 

Thomas Daniel Vaughan 
Tanteria Marie Vega 
Robert John Venable 
Peter S. Vercillo 
Kevin Kaske Vescovo II 
Amy Sue Virden 

Christopher James Wagner* 
Jared Alan Wagner aim laude 
Raymond E. Walden III 
Avenelle Marva Warde summa 

aim laude 
Terry Lamont Washington 
Marzetta Clarice Watson 
Kevin Gordon Weber 
Lori Ann Weber 
K. C. Wei 

Martha Renee Wells aim laude 
Derrick Dennis Wendling* 
Sharon Yorshetia Wesley 
Richard E. Wheeler magna aim 

Jerald Mathew White 
Catrina LaShon Whitfield 
Margo Noreen Whitfield 
Tara Ann Whitson aim laude* 
Gabe Scott Wilcox 
Andrew Jay Wilkens 
Michael Wayne Wilkerson 
Gloria Escenda Williams 
Michelle Marie Williams 
Nathan Riley Williams 

Sonia Latress Williams 
Tilghman Williams, Jr. 
Sylvester Louis Willis, Jr. 
Victoria Ann Winslow 
Tony Lee Winston 
Jerome Douglas Woodard 
Adam Martin Woodford 
Cyle Scott Woodruff 
Janet Lenore Woods 
Norma Jean Woods 
Michael Thomas Wray aim 

Benjamin F. Wright 
Bradley C. Wyatt 
Hillary Beth Wykes aim laude 
John Wayne Yardley 
Troy Preston Yates 
Evan Randall Youngblood 
Andy Leland Zachary 
Jeremy James Zack magna aim 

Jonathan Andrew Zannis 
Laura Elizabeth Zemke 
Joseph John Zueck 


Order of Exercises 
College of Engineering 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

George M. Swisher, Dean 

Commencement Address 

Glenn Norem, Electrical Engineering, (Class of 1978) 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

George M. Swisher, Dean 

Hasan Sevim, Associate Dean 

Lizette Chevalier, Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Glafkos D. Galanos, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering 

Young Kwon, Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 

Satya Harpalani, Chair, Department of Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering 

Ronald K. Marusarz, Acting Chair, Department of Technology 

Student Response 

Kelly A. Harman, Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Alaina M. Tandy, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 

Alumni Welcome 

Joe Lenzini, (Class of 1984), Bachelor of Science in Engineering 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Engineering 

George M. Swisher, Dean 
Shirshak Dhali, Marshal 
Haibo Wang, Usher 

James Mathias, Usher 
Julie McBride, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Abdulaziz Alfarhon Al-Farhan 
Monahi Mohammed Al-Kahtani 
Richard James Albright, Jr. cum 

Aaron Darryl Allen 
Jacob Aaron Arbeiter cum laude* 
Terri L. Atkinson 
Leonard Kenneth Babcock 
Susan Richardson Banning 
James A. Bartolomeo aim laude 
Felecia Ames Basolo 
Randy L. Beckemeyer 
John Thomas Bergin 
William Michael Berry 
James Gutierrez Billot 
Tom Lucas Boatman 
Stephen Wesley Boyd 
Kenneth Harold Brack 
Michael Earnest Brinkerhoff 
Randall Eugene Brooks 
Stacey L. Brown 
Tim Edward Buckner aim laude 
Jeremy Michael Buening magna 

aim laude 
Nicholas Edward Burrus 
Brandon Adair Byrd 
Diana G. Camargo* 
Loviel Everett Cardwell 
Douglas William Carmean 
Kendon McLaine Cato 
Timothy Joseph Chavez aim 

Sandra L. Compton 
Trevor Michael Coop* 
Larry D. Cooper 
Neil H. Cooper 
Alberto Cordova 
Matthew Sean Coupar 
Timothy Joseph Dailey aim 

Kathy J. Daniel aim laude 
Nicole Lynn Darling 
Anthony J. Darnell 
Ryan Vance Denham 
Brock Wayne Dickens 
Kara Kristine Doddek** 
Richard Allen Donnelly 
Steve Linn Dreibelbis 
Randy Warren Duty 
Winston P. Ebarb 
Cynthia Marie Eller 
Michael Dean Elliott 
Robert Bryce Elms 
Mark Paul Fassett 

Danny R. Felts 
Kathryn Marie Fessler 
Thierry Fleurisca 
Erica Deann Fuller 
Gary W. Fuller cum laude 
Matthew James Gamble 
David Garcia 

Patrick Christopher Garcia 
Michael Joseph Gardner 
Clifton Robert Gerke aim laude* 
William E. Gillespie cum laude 
Mark R. Gonzales summa aim 

Pedro Cesar Gonzalez Medina 
D. Todd Granlund 
Amy Jo Grant 
Jeremy Adam Gruenenfelder 

aim laude* 
Lisa Hackmann 
Ryan Lorraine Hahn 
Alfred Hampton 
Jeffrey Todd Hampton 
Kelly Ann Harman aim laude 
Christopher Michael Harris 
Brian N. Harvey 
Jason David Hasselbring 
James E. Hayden 
Michael D. Henson 
Andrea Denise Hernandez 
Andrew Charles Hoffman 
Cassiuss D. Holman 
Sena Gladys Hounsinou 
Chester Forrest Howes 
Donald James Irvin cum laude 
Joshua Spencer Jahraus* 
Matthew James Jensen 
Bryce William Johnson 
Sarah Grace Johnson aim laude 
Jernelle Shantae Jones 
Matthew Mont Jones 
Ronald G Jugao 
Brian Paul Kaley aim laude 
Aaron Allen Karch summa aim 

Shannon Kaye Kasinger 
Wesley Wonchul Kim magna 

aim laude** 
Daniel Jon Kjolhede aim laude 
Lawrence Michael Koehler aim 

Jaeil Koh 
Mitchell J. Korcyl 
Matthew A. Lanahan 
Gregory Taylor Lathinghouse 

Brian James LaMothe 
Michael Anthony Lincoln 
Adam Vincent Litteken magna 

cum laude* 
Matthew Robert Littlejohn 
August Scott Longo 
Nicholas A. Lowery 
Daniel S. Manis 
Dennis R. Martin 
Randall Eugene Martin 
Joseph Davidson Estey McGee 
John McGowan 
Ryan Michael Mechanick 
Richard Meschewski 
Jesse David Miller aim laude 
Karl Wade Miller 
Stacey Lynn Milner 
Robert W. Monroe magna aim 

Albert R. Morris aim laude 
Joseph James Moye 
Aravind Narayanan 
Bryan J. Natalie 
Michael Thomas Nehrbas 
Ileana Maria Nelson 
Michael James Nickels 
Charles Antone Nogoda 
Timothy James Noud 
Sean Lane Whitehurst O'Con 
Andrei Ohrnberger 
Jacob William Oimas 
Nicholas James Okon 
Yu Fung Pak 

Michael Norvin Pamperin 
John Gregory Pangrazio** 
Dimitrios Pantazis 
Ronnie Ray Parham 
George Bentley Phelps III 
Brian Wesley Pickowitz 
Suzanne Marie Pierce-Coggins 
Timothy Kevin Pierson 
Jimmy Sebastian Poirier 
Travis Jude Poirrier 
Andrew Charles Rainwater 
Angela Fallon Ramirez 
Paige Addison Redfield magna 

aim laude 
Thaddeus Lance Reed aim 

Brandon Lee Reid 
Nicholas Earl Reynolds 
Jeffrey John Ribordy 
Norman Joseph Rivera aim 



Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Shina R. Roberson Teshura R. Smith 

Jeffrey Alan Robinson Ricky Anwar Solomon 

Marcy Amanda Rugland* Chad Henry Spindler 

Daniel A. Ruse Daniel John Steffy III 

James M. Schmitt Trent Nathan Steinmann 

Patrick Loren Schrumpf Justin Marshall Stout 
Anthony Jacob Schumacher cum Eric Jason Stuch 

Kimberly May Scott 
Greggory Scott Sellers 
Kunal Mukund Shah 
Sang Uok Shin 
John Patrick Shine 
Larry E. Simpson 
Gaurav K. Singh* 
Sarthak Singh 
Kyle Alexander Sipes 

Jonathan William Suhre 
John Douglas Sutton 
Alaina Marie Tandy cum laude 
John S. Tanner 
Scott Michael Taylor 
Erik Nels Thompson** 
Robert M. Thurman 
Matthew Paul Tomcsanyi cum 

Ryan Robert Trumbull 

Thomas Paul Skelton magna aim Laval Muambay Tshibanda 

laude Daniel T. Tufts cum laude 

Brian Neil Slack Stephen L. Vaicik 

Tad Allen Smith magna aim Rigoberto Vargas 
laude*** Elias Velasco* 

Eric Joseph Verplaetse 

Rolando S. Wade 

Kenneth Dwyane Waits 

Stephen Waldrop 

Brent Lee Waldschmidt 

Dwayne Allen Walker 

Jamekia Dawn Ward 

Eric Matthew Warren 

Howard Claybon White 

Matthew Kyle Wiggins 

Mark D. Wiley 

John Owen Willard 

Keith W. Wilson 

Etienne M. Witte 

Nathan Tyler Woods magna cum 

Stephen Michael Wright 
Christopher Yates 
David Robin Zickgraf 
Mark Theodore Zimmerman 


Order of Exercises 

College of Business and Administration 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Dan Worrell, Dean 

Commencement Address and Alumni Achievement Award on behalf of the SIU 
Alumni Association 

F. Lynn McPheeters, Recipient, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer - Corporate 
Services Division, Caterpillar, Inc., Peoria, IL (B.S. Accounting 1964) 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 
Dan Worrell, Dean 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Business and Administration 

Dan Worrell, Dean 
Lisa Owens, Marshal 
Lisa Piper, Student Marshal 
Sharon Pinkerton, Usher 

Vernie Goode, Usher 
Tabitha Stone, Usher 
Vernon Sweetin, Usher 
Linda Seibert, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Daniel John Adams 
Marie G. Adams 
PierAngela Adams 
Ashley Elizabeth Agee 
Takaaki Ajioka 
Hamdan Aref Al Shammari 
Obaid Salem Alkurashi* 
Faisal Mathkal Almutairi 
Gregory Allen Andrews 
Donald E. Apgar 
Letiscia Sophia Argumedo 
Kristi Linn Baiotto 
Egla Ballta summa aim lande* 
Jermaine Octarious Beard 
Pierre L. Bethel 
Carmela Olivia Blakes aim 

Jordan Raymond Blinn 
Vincent A. Bofah 
Daniel S. Boyce 
Brandon Thomas Brazelton 
Matthew J. By water 
Christian Alberto Cabra 
David Marshall Carll 
David Patrick Carter 
Nina Marie Cassetto 
Daniel Robert Caudle 
Anthony John Ceriale 
Kendra Labree Chaney 
Jeffrey David Chisholm 
Yun-pei Chiu 
Sean Anndrew Cibulskis 
Courtney Erneice Clark 
Brian James Clodfelter 
Beth Ann Comer aim laude* 
Ann B. Conley summa aim 

Christopher Edward Covey 
Gretchen Lenise Cox 
Michael J. Crumbacher 
Matthew David Cunningham 
Lance Charles Cusumano 
Keren Elizabeth Davis 
Natasha Davis 
Michael James Dean 
Jerel Richard Deitering 
John Joseph DeMarie 
Kevin William Doerr 
John Ryan Dorris 
Nathan Edward Dothager 
Zachary Vincent Doty 
Shawlyn Mae Dungan 

Bradley Barrett Eakins** 

Davida Gabrielle Edwards 

Luz Angelica Espinoza 

Megan E. Farrell 

Gregory John Fecteau 

Evan Lewis Feloni 

Cristina Maria Fernandez- 

Daniel J. Ferrigan 

Joseph L. Foote 

Todd Ryan Frazier* 

Eleon Darnell Freeman 

Brian Scott Freiwald magna aim 

Zane Wesley Fulp 

Shiloe L. Gaconnet** 

Bryan Richard Gage 

Lori A. Garner 

Shari House Garnett aim laude* 

Brian Philip Garwood summa 
aim laude 

Glendon Craig Gdalman 

Derek Charles Geiss 

Grant Marshall Goltz magna 
aim laude** 

Jesus Manuel Gonzalez 

Darius Lenard Gordon 

Varun Ramesh Goyal aim 

Amy Anne Graham 

Felecia Kathreen Grant 

Stacy Renia Gray 

Dustin Douglas Grove 

Jason Andrew Grunloh 

Bredina Marie Haden 

Joshua Earl Haden 

Laura Michelle Haenggi 

Abdurrahman A. Hammad* 

Kyoko Hanashima 

Jamie Nichole Harris aim laude* 

Shanna Renee Harris 

Noble Delbert Harrison III 

Natalie Brooke Hausser magna 
cum laude* 

Dennis Brian Heepke* 

Robert E. Heise 

Joseph Alan Henson 

Jeffrey Allen Hickam 

Pamela Andrea Hicks 

Eric J. Higgs* 

Ryan Michael Hiner 

Michael Lee Hobbs 

John Paul Hochbaum III 
Michael Paul Hoefke 
Daniel Corrie Hoey 
James Hoey 
Marchello Timothy Holman 

magna aim laude 
Kristy L. Horner 
Kimberlee Nikole Houston 
Paul Joseph Howaniec 
Shannon Nicole Hunter 
Mikako Ichikawa 
Shogo Ikeda 
Daniel Scott Janus* 
Daniel M. Johnson cum laude 
Michele Lynn Johnson 
Robert Byron Johnson 
Stephanie Marie Johnson 
Jennifer Ledorlin Jones* 
Katsumi Kayanuma 
Elizabeth Keehn 
Trish Ann Kelley 
Valina Phyillies Kelly 
Kyria Elizabeth Kershner 
Joseph Allen Killion 
Andrew Pearce King 
Fallyn Marie King 
Lori Lea Kirsch* 
Michael James Klepzig 
Nathaniel William Klitzing 
Crystal Autumn Knepler 
Michael Allen Knop 
Bradley Eugene Korn 
Jessica Lynn Kranawetter 
Kristopher Daniel Krueger 
Carla Patricia Kuester 
Marciano Lamar, Jr. 
Shioban Monica Lawler 
Kent Elliott Leigh ty cum laude 
Jean Sebastian da Costa 

Andrade Leite cum laude* 
Robin Marie Lewis*** 
I-Hung Lin 

Tracy Ann Linnertz cum laude 
Yang Liu magna cum laude 
Lisa Victoria Logsdon 
Melissa Lee Lucas aim laude 
Anthony Clark Maggitt 
April Elizabeth Mainardi 
Kristin Le Maschhoff 
Jay W. Maynard cum laude* 
Dawna Lynn McClelland 
Graham E. McLaurin 


Aaron Joseph Melvin magna cum 

Allison Ann Mevert swnma cum 

Melody Jo Miller 
Kristy Joy Milligan* 
Brenda Kay Milner 
Nicholas R. Modlin 
Eric John Moore cum laude 
Katara Myesha Moore 
Catherine T. Morehead 
Orane Christopher Morgan 
Roger Thomas Morrow 
Olubunmi Adeola Mowobi 
Josh Mueth cum laude 
Caleb Nehring, Mark 
Patrick James Newton 
Gregory Michael Nielsen 
David Allen Norvell, Jr.* 
Daniel Lucas O'Neal 
Shawn Nicholas Odum 
George Abayomi Ogunnaike 
Margaret JeeSook Ohms 
Timothy Kyle Overstreet* 
Manish P. Oza 
Sara Jo Pate 
Christina Ranae Patton cum 

Dustin L. Peck 
Tiffany Diane Pestka 
Jennifer Michelle Peterman cum 

Melissa Janelle Pind 
Lisa Marie Piper 
Ryan Douglas Plummer** 
Dorothy Jean Porter cum laude 
Matthew Eugene Pruemer 

Matthew Holmes Purdy 
Diana Elizabeth Reach 
Danny Thomas Reid, Jr. 
Jeffrey W. Reiher 
Yusuf Ibrahim Reynolds 
Shellie Renae Richelman 
Tiffany Kay Riechert 
Tawanna Cherese Ringer 
John Phillip Robinson 
Patrick Robert Roder 
Robert E. Rogers 
Michael K. Rohan 
Jose R. Romo 
Amy Christine Rothmann 
Marianna Sofoklis Rotou 
Christa Marie Rundle 
Sally Elizabeth Russell 
Jennifer Sarina Sanders 
Kelly Richter Schubert 
Kelly Jo Florence Schuette* 
Denita Louise Scott 
Jeremy R. Sherman 
Amber Mae Short 
Sarah Michelle Simek 
Tonda L. Simmons 
Robert Ernesto Sipe 
Naeem Kareem Slaise** 
April Covaille Smith 
Kristen Ranae Smith 
Adrian Soto 
Adil Souilmi** 

Lindsey Magdalena Stadelman 
Rebecca Lee Starr* 
Adam Michael Steht cum laude* 
Jonathan F. Stein 
Carey Lemont Steward 
Brad Martin Stokich* 

Sarah Fae Stuehlmeyer 

Corey Gene Tadlock cum laude* 

Megan Lynne Tarrolly 

George C. Terry III 

Chanta Nichelle Thomas magna 

cum laude 
Samtwan Jimel Thomas 
Tracie L. Thompson 
Joseph Daniel Tomasello 
Cody Lee Turner 
Tonya Ann Ulmer cum laude* 
Bradley Joseph Unser 
Nicholas James Unser magna 

cum laude* 
Rhonda Sue Vaughn 
Christopher E. Veteto 
Michael Burke Viall 
Kristy-Lyn Vincent 
Albert Kent Volkman 
Tammy Lynn Waldhoff 
Joni W. Walker cum laude 
Steven W. Walters 
Boyd M. Watson 
Michael Jamal Watson 
Gene M. White 

Andrea Nicole Wilkey cum laude 
Candice Latrice Williams 
Amanda Rae Williamson 
Julie Michelle Williamson 
Apriele Wright 
Christopher Joseph Wrigley 
Brian Michael Wysocki 
Igbino Yemi-Eweka 
Christopher Anthony 

Jill Suzanne Zueck 


Order of Exercises 
Graduate School 

7:00 P.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Presentation of Awards 

John A. Koropchak, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean 
Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Distinguished Service Award 

Howard A. Peters III, Recipient 

The 2004 Outstanding Scholar Award 

Charles F. Fanning, Professor, Department of English, Recipient 

The 2003 Richard and Donna Falvo Outstanding Dissertation Award 

Saikat Talapatra, Department of Physics, Recipient, 
Ronald D. Rich, Department of Anthropology, Finalist 

Southern Illinois University 2003 Alumni Association Outstanding Thesis Award 

Haagen D. Klaus, Department of Anthropology, Recipient, 

Aik-Liang Lim, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, Finalist 

Ippei Watanabe, Department of Cinema and Photography, Finalist 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Graduate School Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

John A. Koropchak, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Brian Schaffner, SIU Alumni Association 


Trumpet Tune, David Johnson, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Faculty Marshals 

Wilfred Delphin, Professor, School of Music, Grand Marshal 

Richard F. Bortz, Professor, Department of Workforce Education and Development, 

Faculty Marshal 
Ronald A. Browning, Professor, Department of Physiology, Faculty Marshal 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


Graduate School 

John A. Koropchak, Dean 
Wilfred Delphin, Grand Marshal 
Richard F. Bortz, Faculty Marshal 
Ronald A. Browning, Faculty Marshal 
David Wilson, Marshal 

Prudence Rice, Marshal 
Pam Durso, Usher 
Ratna Sinha, Usher 
Nancy Vorhees, Usher 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Samuel Amanuel 

Engineering Science, Dr. Vivak M. Malhotra 

Structural, Mechanical, Tliermal, and 

Tliermomeclianical Properties ofPlienolic Silica 


Cynthia Sharp Amick 

Education-Educational Administration, 

Dr. Randy J. Dunn 

Faculty, Parent, and Student Perceptions of School 
Climate in Selected Missouri Public Schools 
Studied from tlte Missouri School Improvement 

Hakan Arikan 

Sociology, Dr. Robert D. Benford 
Tlie Impacts of Domestic and International 
Dynamics on Turkish National Identity: FP and 
MHP's Approach to tlie European Union 1999- 

Laura Patricia Henderson-Sullivan 
Education-Educational Psychology, 
Dr. Paul E. Bates 
Teaclter Behavior and Student Academic 

Engagement Across Ninth Grade Ability Group 

Matliematics Classes 

Fawaz Ibrahim Hjouj 
Mathematics, Dr. David W. Kammler 
Identification of Reflected, Dilated, Translated, and 
Rotated Objects from Their Radon Projections 

Anthony Shih-Chieh Huang 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, 

Dr. Dennis T. Lowry 

Vie Bright and Dark Side of Cyberspace :The 
Paradoxical Media Effects of Internet Use on 
Gratifications, Addiction, Social and 
Psychological Weil-Being among Taiwan's Net- 

Beverly A. Brownlee Education-Educational 
Psychology, Dr. Karen K. Prichard 
Tlie Impact of Matliematics Self-Efficacy on 

Hispanic and Latino Females Consideration of 

Matltematics-Related Occupations 

Rick L. Burgess Education- Workforce 
Education and Development, 
Dr. Fred W.Reneau 

Transfer of Training: Using Simulation to Teach 
Technical Skills 

Julie A. Hynes 

Education-Educational Administration, 

Dr. Kelly McKerrow 

Tlie Relationship between the Dimensions of 
Teaclter Empowerment and Principal's Job 
Satisfaction in Elementary Accelerated Schools 

Wade Carter Leuwerke 
Psychology, Dr. Jane L. Swanson 
A Qualitative Examination of Client Resistance in 
Career Counseling Sessions 

Sherlynn Howard Byrd 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, 

Dr. Robert L. Spellman 

A Legal Pursuit of Justice: Gender and Age 

Discrimination Among Women in tlie Broadcast 

News Industry 

Ghassan Eid Haddad 
Speech Communication, 
Dr. Ronald A. Naversen 
Tlieatrical Developments in Jordan: Past, Present, 
and Future 

Qingxiong Ma 

Business Administration, Dr. John M. Pearson 
A Study on Information Security Objectives and 

Tgichona G. Martin 

Psychology, Dr. Brenda O. Gilbert, Dr. Mary 

Louise Cashel 
Personality and Otlier Cliaracteristics among 

Behavior Disordered Youth with Emphasis on 

Self-Esteem and Abuse History 


Doctor of Philosophy (continued) 

Sandra Jean Maurizio 
Education-Curriculum and Instruction, 
Dr. Douglas Bedient 
An Assessment of Oral Cancer Curriculum in 

Health Professional Education Programs in the 

State of Illinois 

Paige A. Mettler-Cherry 
Plant Biology, Dr. Philip A. Robertson 
Population Biology of tlie Threatened, Floodplain 
Species, Boltonia Decurrens: Determination of 
Stage Based Demography and Implications for 

Ahmad Martadha Mohamed 

Political Science, Dr. Uday Desai 

Representative Bureaucracy and Policy Preferences: 
Linking Descriptive Representation and Potential 
for Substantive Representation and Potential for 
Substantive Representation in tlie Malaysian 

Debashree Mukherjea 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Biochemistry, Dr. Donald S. Tony 
Unique Regulation of Human Placenta Growth 

Factor Regulation and Expression 

Okechukwu F. Onah ** 

Education- Workforce Education and 
Development, Dr. Theodore Buila 

Vie Work Ethic of Nigerian Students at U.S. 
Universities as Determined by Occupation, Work 
Experience, Level of Education, Gender, Age, 
Length of Stay Abroad, and Location of 

Erik Rabinowitz 
Education-Educational Psychology, Dr. 

Richard L. Coulson 
Ocular Motor Function Eye Tracking among 

Adolescents with Attention Deficit Disorder with 

and without Reading Disabilities 

Nirina Emma Ralijohn 
Business Administration, Dr. Iqbal Mathur 
Benefits of Privatization: Evidence from 
Developing Countries During the 1990s 

Karen Sue Russell-Drage 
Education- Workforce Education and 

Development, Dr. Marcia A. Anderson 
Perceptions of Secondary School Principals 

Regarding tlie Role of Business Education in 

Secondary Education Curriculum 

Christopher M. Ryan 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Biochemistry, Dr. Peter Hardwicke 
Structure-Function Studies on Calcium 

Transporting Proteins within the Adductor 

Muscle of tlie Sea Scallop 

Kevin Robert Schwarz 

Anthropology, Dr. Don S. Rice 

Understanding Classic to Postclassic Household 
and Community Spatial Transformation: Tlie 
Rural Maya of tlie Quexil-Petenxil Basins, 

David R. Skocy 

Education-Educational Administration, Dr. 

Randy J. Dunn 
Student, Teaclier, and Administrator Perceptions of 

School Climate Cliaracteristics: A Correlational 

Study of High Achieving and Low Achieving 

Illinois High Schools 

Sherry Susan Smith 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology and 

Biochemistry, Dr. Edward J. Moticka 
Ly49A Regulation ofT Cell Activation and 

Autoimmune Diabetes 

George Stacey Staples 
Mathematics, Dr. Philip Feinsilver 
Clifford Algebras, Combinatorics, and Stochastic 

Roger M. Webb 

Education-Educational Psychology, Dr. Ronna 

F. Dillon 
Emotional Processing and College Grade Point 


Todd Patrick West 
Plant Biology, Dr. John E. Preece 
Alginate Encapsulation of Hardy Hibiscus 
(Hibiscus mosclieutos L.) For Germplasm 
Storage, Greenhouse Planting and In Vitro Mite 
Eradication Using Nodal Segments 

Janet Leigh Marth Wicker 
Education-Curriculum and Instruction, 
Dr. Lynn C. Smith 
Perspectives of Novice Teachers in Illinois on their 

Knowledge Levels and Practice Related to Early 

Literacy Instruction 

John Wittman 
English, Dr. Lisa J. McClure 
"Writing Ourselves Into the Story": The Promise 
of Literacy at tlie End of Metaphysics 

Gordon Ronald Young 

Speech Communication, Dr. Mary Hinchcliff- 

Educating Images: Representations of Cultural 

Difference in Popular Education Films 


Doctor of Rehabilitation 

Rachael L. Green 

Rehabilitation, Dr. John J. Benshoff 
Spirituality and Rehabilitation: A National Survey 
of Reltabilitation Educators 

Joyce A. Kramer 

Rehabilitation, Dr. Stanford E. Rubin 
Important Knowledges for Serving Clients with 
Gender Identity Disorder 

Alethea M. Taylor 

Rehabilitation, Dr. Stanford E. Rubin 
Substance Abuse Counselors Self-Reported Effects 
of Professional Training on tlieir Ability to Serve 
Clients Who Are Mentally III Substance Abusers 

Master of Accountancy 

Mark N. Bales 

Faye Deborah Beerom-Henry 

Mandy Lynn Flahardy** 

Amanda Kathleen Gower 

Shawna Danelle Harris 

Kara Lee Hart 

Eddie Thomas Herron 


Nicole Lynn Ziglar 


Master of Arts 

Saad G.S. Almutairi 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlter Languages 
Subramanya Ananthnarayan 

Eleftheria A. Atta 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlter Languages 
Megan Suzanne Banet 

Richard John Baysinger 

Susan Lee Baysinger 

History and Higher Education 
Jason Paul Beckham 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Patrick Fogarty Casey 

Young Hui Choi 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlier Languages 
Joseph Andrew Coady 

Luke Sanford Crawford 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Latiguages 
Hayley Lynn Dawson 

Christopher J. Drew 

Lorena Marestrella Galvan 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Kay A. Garcia 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
S. Sue Gilgenbach** 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Rebecca Evon Hawkins 

Alina Hie 

Georgia L. Karsera 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlter Languages 
Ji-Eun Kim 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
James Charles Knarr 

Elizabeth Ann Koenig 

Rachel Marie Lading 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Georgia E. Laskaris 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlter Languages 
Bedsy E. Lee 

Foreign Languages and Literatures and Business 

Jeong Duk Lee 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlter Languages 
Susilowaty Margono 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlter Languages 
Michael Richard Maske 

Hilla H. Medalia 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
In Ju Moon 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Amy Lorraine Mosier 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlter Languages 


Master of Arts (continued) 

Kudzai Aggrey Musumhi 

Mass Communication and Media Arts and 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Samantha Dinn Outcalt 

Jennifer Pace 

Jonathan Peter Pluskota** 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Rommy Denny Boy Rambet 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Marcus Ronald Reznicek 

History and Higlier Education 
Jaime Noelle Ricklefs 

Seung Weon Shin 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlwr Languages 
Amy Lynn Skonberg 

Eric Alexander Smith 

Mike Dwight Steinmann 

History and Higlier Education 

Arnold Raymond Taylor 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
James Emil Tejkowski 

Ronald C. Timmons 

History and Higlier Education 
Darla Fay Tolley 

Administration of Justice 
Lori Christine Torbeck 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Dwayne Alexander Tunstall 

April Jo Wang 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Yu-Chun Wei 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Leonard Arthur Weingarth 

Julie Anne Willis 

Administration of Justice 
Keun Young Yang 

Teachitig English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Yue Zhang** 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Master of Business Administration 

Hamood Salim Al Shoaibi 

Business Administration 
Juan Antonio Araujo Garay 

Business Administration 
Yu San Au-Yeung 

Business Administration 
Lucia Babuscakova 

Business Administration 
Thomas Frederick Brink 

Business Administration 
Kesha Sherrie Bunting 

Business Administration 
Michael S. Dean 

Business Administration 
Shu-chuan Deng 

Business Administration 
Deborah Ann Diffenauer 

Business Administration 
Imad El Filali 

Business Administration 
Christopher Michael Flynn** 

Business Administration 
Yuet Mei Fong 

Business Administration 
Shavonda Denise Gibbs 

Business Administration 
S. Sue Gilgenbach** 

Business Administration 
Zhirong He 

Business Administration 
Axel Henrot 

Business Administration 
Wai-Lim William Ho 

Business Administration 

Monica- Alexandra Hodis 

Business Administratioti 
Chad Allen Jones 

Business Administration 
Kristen Janelle Jordan 

Business Administration 
Michael Damon King 

Business Administration 
Chris Tzeon Lee 

Business Administration 
Wai Yuen Leung 

Business Administration 
Lijun Ma 

Business Adrninistration 
Ayodele Alero Eyitemi Macarthy 

Business Administration 
Sai Chung Mak 

Business Administration 
Jennifer JoAnn Mayer 

Business Administration 
Brandon Larry Mells 

Business Administration 
Marianna Estella Miller 

Business Adtninistration 
Sien Piang Ng 

Business Administration 
Youlian Nikolaev Ninkov 

Business Administration 
Matthew Lee Obert 

Business Admifiistration 
Scott Jeremy Pate 

Business Administration 
Raymundo Soliman Villegas Payos 

Business Administration 


Arianne Phelps 

Business Adininistration 
Chrystalla Pilavaki 

Business Administration 
Jonathan Peter Pluskota** 

Business Administration 
Jason Miguel Powell 

Business Administration 
Donnie Ray Reeves 

Business Administration 
Chan Heng San 

Business Administration 
Shaun Travis Schneider 

Business Administration 
Melissa Jane Schnuck 

Business Administration 
Sira Srisuksai 

Business Administration 
Marios Stylianidis 

Business Administration 
Tsui-Ping Tsai 

Business Administration 
Angelia Nicole Voss 

Business Administration 

Dornetta Netricia Walker 

Business Administration 
Joshua Matthew Walker 

Business Administration 
Donald Joseph Warner 

Business Administration 
Angela Estelle Wells 

Business Administration 
Shirley Y. W. Wong 

Business Administration 
Boxco Man Kit Yim 

Business Administration 
Robert Yu Ning Yiu 

Business Administration 
So Yan Young 

Business Administration 
Tamara Lynn Young 

Business Admi?iistration 
Ng Fung Kinky Yuen 

Business Administration 
Yue Zhang** 

Business Administration 

Master of Fine Arts 

Angela Magdalene Bubash 

Sarah Elizabeth Daub 

Sandy L. Fontana 

Creative Writing 
Michael John Hofer 

Brian Richard Hyer 

Creative Writing 
Sandra Lynn Leppin 

Jennifer Lee Monroe 

David Maloney Neis 

Creative Writing 

Jeremy Jacob Christopher Olson 

Eric Michael Pals 

Benjamin Michael Percy 

Creative Writing 
Shawn Anthony Rodriguez 

Dimitris Skliris 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Christopher Michael Tinnen 

Jason Charles Vaughan 

Creative Writing 
Stephan Joel Way 


Master of Music 

Sandra Marie Agans 

Sara Helen Alstat 

Haekyung An 

Jennifer Ann Davis 

Marcus Dewayne Howard 

Danielle Nicole Joseph 


Kevin Robert Lucas 

Sabrina Marie Mixon 

Denise Renee Naeve 

Joshua Aaron Shaw 

Kara Allison Shaw 


Master of Public Administration 

Elaine Conrad 

Public Administration 

Laura A. Ellis 

Public Administration 


Master of Public Administration (continued) 

Katharine Johnson Suski 

Public Administration 
Kevin Thomas Wall 

Public Administration 

Karl James Warwick 
Public Administration 

Brian Thomas Wiebler 
Public Administration 

Master of Science 

Yahia A. Abu Al-Gassab 

Chandra Sekhar Adapa 

Electrical Engineering 
Aneta A. Adugalska 

Speech Communication 
Rubina Ahsan 

Plant and Soil Science 
Ali Joseph Aiello 

Mechanical Engineering 
Kyle Owen Allred 

Civil Engineering 
Faye Marie Babineau 

Pamela Elaine Banks 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Catherine Ann Batsie 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Myra Ann Bax 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Praveen Kumar Bhaskarani 

Electrical Engineering 
Melissa Ann Bidwell 

Beliavior Analysis and Tlierapy 
Carri Perez Blockyou 

Michael Scott Bonkowski 

Animal Science 
Elizabeth Sue Bucher 

Plant and Soil Science 
Jagadish Kumar Bugidi 

Electrical Engineering 
Wendy Evelyn Burg 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Paul Joseph Byrne 

Yanping Cao 

Computer Science 
Vineet Chaparala 

Electrical Engineering 
Kiran Kumar Chennuri 

Electrical Engineering 
Sanjeevi Chitikeshi 

Electrical Engineering 
Robin Michelle Cisco 

Civil Engineering 
Yashwanth Daddala 

Electrical Engineering 
Smitha Dasari 

Electrical Engineering 
Mahua Dasgupta 

Jamie Leah Dennis 

Beliavior Analysis and Therapy 

Jaspreet Singh Dhanota 

Electrical Engineering 
Raghvendra Rao Dharwada 

Electrical Engineering 
Kayla Renae Dickerson 

Cotnmunication Disorders & Sciences 
Zhiyuan Dong 

Computer Science 
Vijaay Doraiswamy 

Computer Science 
Kelley Jayne Drew 

Cotnmunication Disorders & Sciences 
Ram Reddy Dustety 

Electrical Engineering 
Bethany Joy Dwyer 

Cotnmunication Disorders & Sciences 
Jason Christopher Edwards 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Imani Aaliya El-Amin 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Cassie Dawn Etheridge 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Elizabeth Ann Fatheree 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Karen J. Fitzgerald-Smith 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Nicole Noel Bernice Fraedrich 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Rebecca S. Freyder 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Gowtham Gangireddy 

Agribusiness Economics 
Soumya Garimella 

Electrical Engineering 
Veretta Jean Garnett 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Arati Anil Ghaisas 

Electrical Engineering 
Iyuna Kiete Harris 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Scott Geoffrey Henderson 

Moleadar Biology, Microbiology, and 

Erin Elizabeth Huffman 

Sarah Lynn Huffman 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Dana Louise Ivancsits 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Neal Douglas Jackson 

Jacques Pierre James 

Raghavender V. Jandhyala 

Computer Science 


Joseph C. Janutka 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Gopinathareddy Jeereddy 

Electrical Engineering 
Angela Dawn Jeralds 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Zhewei Jiang 

Computer Science 
Umamaheswari Kalyanasundaram 

Electrical Engineering 
Venkataramana Kanikaram 

Electrical Engineering 
Karyn Lyn Kasprzak 

Nitin Khanna 

Mining Engineering 
Changsik Kim 

Electrical Engineering 
Delores L. King 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jayna Renee Klauser 

Agribusiness Economics 
Parashanth Kumar Kodiripaka 

Electrical Engineering 
Anaz Zubair Kolappal 

Christopher Michael Leach 

Mechanical Engineering 
Yuan Lin 

Cheng Luo 

Computer Science 
Srikanth Sagar Maheshwaram 

Electrical Engineering 
Sushma Manam 

Electrical Engineering 
Swapna Mandala 

Electrical Engineering 
Swarna Mala Mangipudi 

Electrical Engineering 
Vasuki Manicka 

Computer Science 
Vinay Kumar Mantrala 

Electrical Engineering 
Praveen Kumar Manuka 

Electrical Engineering 
Robin Lynn Matthews 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Sarah Elizabeth McCurdy 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Sarah Abigail McNeece 

Speech Communication 
Lance B. McNew, Jr. 

Gaia Cosgrove McVey 

Reliabilitation Counseling 
Abdul Moid Fahad Mohammed 

Electrical Engineering 
Iqbal Mohammed 

Electrical Engineering 
Abinash Moharana 

Mining Engineering 
Kalyan Nallamalli 

Electrical Engineering 
Sarfraz Ahmed Nayeem 

Electrical Engineering 
Brandi Lauren Neuberg 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Elizabeth C. Nulty 

Beliavior Analysis and Therapy 
Moreen Jeanette O'Brien 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Ayan Palit 

Mining Engineering and Electrical Engineering 
Kasandra Michelle Pete 

Speech Communication 
Leonard Jon Pitcher 

Shashi Kumar Polala 

Electrical Engineering 
Madhusudan Rajagopal 

Electrical Engineering 
Timothy Patrick Reilly 

Sonia Sue Rhymer 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Katherine Ann Holland Rix 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
April Ann Robinson 

Pal Rugland 

Electrical Engineering 
Danielle Marie Rutka 

Parminder Singh Sahi 

Electrical Engineering 
Scott David Sanders 

Beliavior Analysis and TJierapy 
Evana Ruth Sandusky 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
John Shell 

Electrical Engineering 
Zachary Shoemaker 

Beliavior Analysis and TJierapy 
Jennifer Beth Simonaitis 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Tanapat Singharuksa 

Electrical Engineering 
Keith Wayne Smith 

Sakthivel Srinivasan 

Electrical Engineering 
Daniel James Stachelski 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Corey O'Neal Sullivan 

Rehabilitation Administrate?! and Services 
Raziuddin Syed 

Electrical Engineering 
Arun Kumar Tata 

Electrical Engineering 
Miriam Lea Tcheng 

Food and Nutrition 
Michael L. Thomas 

Starr Chyan Thornton 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 


Master of Science (continued) 

Richard Glen Thurau 

Mahilchi Milir Vaseekar Kumar 

Electrical Engineering 
Thiyagashankar Venkataraman 

Electrical Engineering 
Subha Venkataramani 

Electrical Engineering 
Joshua Matthew Walker 

Agribusiness Economics 
Tornnetta Nicole Walker 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Zhe Wang 

Civil Engineering 
Hope Catherine Warrener-Crumley 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Megan Ann Widowski 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 

Liala Yasmeen Wilkes 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Donna Tyler Wilson 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Joshua Peter Wiscons 

Tao-Cheng Wu 

Electrical Engineering 
Praveen Kumar Yalagandula 

Electrical Engineering 
Amanda Marniece Yeazel 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Patricia L. York 

Liang Zhou 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 


Master of Science in Education 

Mohammed Abduallah Al-Shehri 

Workforce Education and Development 
Warren Merton Alley 

Higlier Education 
Karen Jo Auxier 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Leana K. Baker 

Health Education 
Darin Todd Barham 

Workforce Education and Development 
Denise A. Becker 

Workforce Education and Development 
James Ervie Beers 

Workforce Education and Development 
Carol Lynn Belangee 

Curriculum and Instruction 
William Ray Black III 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Mary Lee Blair-Moore 

Workforce Education and Development 
Connie Fay Bradshaw 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Shannon Renee Brown 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Janice Lynn Buchwald 

Workforce Education and Development 
Elisa Noel Burke 

Physical Educaton 
Tara Margaret Kearney Carr 

Educational Psychology 
Michael Robert Charbonneau 

Higlier Education 
Marjorie Fay Cherry 

Workforce Education and Development 
Venessa B. Cogswell 

Physical Educaton 
Sandra Kay Colvis 

Workforce Education and Development 
Suzanne C. Dailey 

Workforce Education and Development 

Linda Jean Deckert 

Edmond P. DeRousse 

Workforce Education and Development 
Janelle Edwards 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Dayna Leigh Fagerland 

Workforce Education and Development 
Cheryl L. Fitzgerald 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Amber Lillian Floyd 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jerilu Flynn 

Health Education 
Yvette LaNine Glasgow 

Higlier Education 
Renada D. Greer 

Workforce Education and Development 
Angelica Zeltrice Hambrick 

Higher Education 
Allyson Pearl Heitmeyer 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Karen Boyd Hight 

Educational Administration 
Kathy J. Hollenkamp 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Nikki Michelle Hornsberry 

Workforce Education and Development 
Mary Susan Horton 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Farrah Leigh Hudson 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Sarah Ann Imhoff 

Educational Administration 
Kenneth E. Ingersoll 

Workforce Education and Development 
Zvonka Jakopovic-Vukmirovic 

Educational Psychology 
Simone Yvette Jordan 

Workforce Education and Development 


Jami Christine Kerkstra 

Higlier Education 
Kevin Ray Kimball 

Physical Educaton 
Kanji Kitahama 

Delmar Isreal Lee 

Workforce Education and Development 
Nikki S. Leffler 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tamara Noel Lewis 

Physical Educaton 
Kathleen Elizabeth Lowry 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Matthew Steven Malkovich 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Eric Daniel Martin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Lori Jill Martin 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Kelly Jay McBride 

Physical Educaton 
Amanda Leigh McClure 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Sandra Lanier McCurry 

Workforce Education and Development 
Christina Rae McKinstry 

Workforce Education and Development 
Cindy S. Minor 

Workforce Education and Development 
Olayinka A. Mohorn 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Jermaine Morales 

Workforce Education and Development 
Elvira Asgatovna Muckelroy 

Educational Administration 
Michael Jon Neumeyer 

Physical Educaton 
Tamara Anne Newbold 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Michael Ryan O'Shea 

Workforce Education and Development 
Machelle Marie Owen 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Judy Kay Parker 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Kimberly Dawn Parry 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Isabella Photiou 

Health Education 
Marcia Shelli Leigh Pierce 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Cherie S. Poll 

Workforce Education and Development 
Carolyn K. Price 

Special Education 
Erika Joyce Radley 

Workforce Education and Development 
Heather Marie Rees 

Higher Education 
Kimberly Lee Rowden 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Corban Megumi Shaw Sanchez 

Higlier Education 
Jennifer S. Sherry 

Health Education 
Katrina Elise Shields 

Workforce Education and Development 
Beverly Sue Simmons 

Workforce Education and Development 
Michael Anthony Sinno, Jr. 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Roland Delano Smith 

Workforce Education and Development 
Alicia Phillips Spiegel 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Melanie Jane Stivers 

Higlier Education 
Susan Diane Talley 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Maxine Jennine Vernon-Riley 

Workforce Education and Development 
Robert Villegas 

Workforce Education and Development 
Shane William Wagner 

Workforce Education and Development 
Doniquiandria Ednora Walker 

Workforce Education and Development 
Paulanne Elizabeth Walker 

Workforce Education and Development 
Myrtle Lydia Watson 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Catherine Ann Webb 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Scott Lee Webb 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Kristin Jayanna White 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Gayla Kay Wilkerson 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Katie Wright 

Educational Psychology 

Master of Social Work 

Deidre Lynn Bates 

Social Work 
Angela Bisaillon-Champman 

Social Work 
Carolyn Marie Botts 

Social Work 
Amanda Christine Brissman 

Social Work 
Sara Elizabeth Bruce 

Social Work 

Angela Marie Carter 

Social Work 
Emily Rebecca Clutts 

Social Work 
Tammy Jo Daech 

Social Work 
Jill Elizabeth Dalhaus 

Social Work 
Amy Lynn Diuguid 

Social Work 


Master of Social Work (continued) 

David J. Elliott 

Social Work 
Eve Marie Falmier 

Social Work 
Mitchell Edwin Forrest 

Social Work 
Laurel Jill Frederick 

Social Work 
Ashley Rae Harlan 

Social Work 
Sherrie Ann Harlow 

Social Work 
April Marie Hartel 

Social Work 
Lauren E. Herron 

Social Work 
Ventress Benard Herron 

Social Work 
Sarah Jean Jack 

Social Work 
Sheila Mae James 

Social Work 
Melissa Johnson 

Social Work 
Ginger Lynn Jones 

Social Work 
Christopher J. Julian-Fralish 

Social Work 
Kathleen Marie Krzystofiak 

Social Work 
Kristen Nicole Little 

Social Work 
Tasha Hope London 

Social Work 

Tina Lynne McKnight 

Social Work 
Jamie Lyn Neiner 

Social Work 
Shannon Marie Pargin 

Social Work 
Donna Jo Rohlfing 

Social Work 
Farrah J. Runge 

Social Work 
Marta Lucia Sanders 

Social Work 
Emily Anne Schall 

Social Work 
Roni LeAnn Steber 

Social Work 
Mary Rachael Stevens 

Social Work 
Mary Elizabeth Swanson 

Social Work 
Geri L. Tucker 

Social Work 
Jason Matthew VanSickle 

Social Work 
Elizabeth L. Vaughan 

Social Work 
Kimberly Gail Wenz-Sherrill 

Social Work 
Lisa Louise Wild 

Social Work 
Rachael Ann Willis 

Social Work 
Melissa Lynn Wintermann 

Social Work 


Order of Exercises 
College of Science 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, Shryock Auditorium 
(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Jack Parker, Dean 

James Tyrrell, Associate Dean for Personnel and Budget 

Brooks Burr, Director, Biological Sciences Program 

Lori Vermeulen, Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Mehdi Zargham, Acting Chair, Department of Computer Science 

Steven P. Esling, Chair, Department of Geology 

Andrew Earnest, Chair, Department of Mathematics 

John Martinko, Chair, Department of Microbiology 

Aldo Migone, Chair, Department of Physics 

Richard Steger, Chair, Department of Physiology 

Dale Vitt, Chair, Department of Plant Biology 

William Muhlach, Chair, Department of Zoology 

Introduction of Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 

Lori Vermeulen, Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Science on behalf of 
the SIU Alumni Association 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Jack Parker, Dean 

Duy H. Hua, Recipient, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University 

Commencement Address 

Duy H. Hua, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 
Jack Parker, Dean 

Alumni Welcome 

David W. Kammler, Professor 


Trumpet Tune, David Johnson, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Science 

Jack Parker, Dean 
Loretta Battaglia, Marshal 
Stephen Ebbs, Usher 

Daniel Nickrent, Usher 

Barbara Crandall-Stotler, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Sarah Elizabeth Alsup 
Cheryl Lee Barnett 
Tiffany S. Bone 
David M. Brunner 
William Ellis Campbell 
Susanna Joy Clutts magna aim 

Erin M Condon 
Breanna Lynn Cooper 
Lori Lynn Dearing 
Joshua Adam Felperin 
Jessica L. Fox* 
Matthew Dean Hanson 

Timothy J. Hennessey 
Tara Lynn Hickey cum laude* 
Ryan Mark Hobson 
Trisha I. Hustedde* 
Andrew William Johnson 
Steve Matthew Kirkpatrick 
Eric Andrew Lees 
Mary Ann McLafferty 
Brian Francis McVicker 
Anne E. Morrison 
Katrina Lynn Mrugala 
Rebecca Ann Myers cum laude* 
Oluwatoyin Adetoun Odubiro 

Heather Lynn Paluch 
Thepsack Sayouthasad 
Travis Michael Schmale 
Brycen Andrew Short 
Rosemarie Balderas Sopher 
Casheena Atari Stephens 
Amber Renee Theising 
Chris Daniel Thompson 
Matthew Walter Ward 
Adam Franklin Wolfe 
Sarah Beth Yates 
Marci Lynn Zinzilieta 

Bachelor of Science 

Sean Michael Kerwin 
Christopher Douglas Adams 
Deborah A. Adams cum laude 
Justin Gabriel Ayres 
Scott David Baker cum laude* 
Whitney Joanna Banning summa 

cum laude 
Alex B. Berezow summa aim 

Roger Eugene Bernard 
Dorothy Maria Bialecki 
Kevin Dale Brittain 
Justin Nathaniel Brunner* 
Dale I. Buchanan 
Siiyawn Lateesha Cartman 
Kathleen Elizabeth Chaffee aim 

Insook Choe 
Stephanie Amanda Clutts magna 

cum laude* 
Jenay Crystal Craig 
Can Necati Dagdelen* 
Samuel Giovanni DeFalco 
Adam E. Dill cum laude 
Jennifer Kaye Doehring cum 

Zachary Robert Eagle 
Renee Nicole Eastwood summa 

cum laude 
Jason D. Eiceman magna cum 

Amy L. Fairbairn magna aim 

Dasha Leeanna Fehrenbacher 
Trisha Denise FitzPatrick 
Anthony W. Fowler 
Kevin Douglas Fox 

Nick Edward Gaskill 
Eric Wayne George 
Heather Marie Gibb** 
Karen Patrice Goldstein 
William Benjamin Gottschalk 

siunma cum laude 
Gillian Marie Grasher magna 

cum laude 
Gator Jake Greenwill magna aim 

Ronique'ka Angenette Griffin 
Daniel E. Guerra 
Thomas N. Heatherly II magna 

cum laude* 
Gregory J. Heckenbach 
Lea DeAnn Hemphill 
Jennifer Lynn Herington 
Christina Nadine Holbrook cum 

Erin Marie Holliday* 
Erin Marie Horn summa aim 

Tatsuru Hoshiyama 
Mohamed Ishan 
Andrew Sylvester Jackson** 
Lora Elizabeth Jackson 
Jessica Jean Jatcko cum laude 
D' Wayne Stephon Jenkins 
James Ivan Johnson 
Ken James Keefe summa cum 

Jong Wung Kim 
Virginia A. Koehl 
Nancy Sue Lancas 
Bethany Medsker Lashbrook 
Chad Elton Link cum laude 
Jeffrey James Mancini 

Andrew Nicolas Margherio 
Laura A. Martin-Rake 
Andrew T. Matecki 
David Wayne McBride 
Erin Beth McGuire 
David W.N. Melosi 
Shawn Matthew Meyer 
Todd Richard Michaels 
Jill Ann Nakvosas cum laude* 
Brandy Nicole Nance 
Caitlin Anne Newberry cum 

Jennifer Dawn Oitker 
Jeremy Dale Osborn 
Sara Louise Perry 
Jenna Corinne Peterson summa 

cum laude 
Sarah Rogers Poole 
Shawna Michelle Price** 
Jason Thomas Rapp magna cum 

Nathaniel Stewart Richards 
Nova Marie Riemer 
Jennee Alisia Rommel summa 

cum laude 
Jessica Mae Rose 
Elizabeth Maureen J. Rossa 
Joe Rowlett 
Brendan Joseph Smith 
Kristen Elizabeth Solberg 
Natalie Suzanne Sosnowski* 
Nancy Krystine Stephenson 
Kasie Eliabeth Stickel 
Michiyo Tarner 
Coraviece Meishunn Terry 
Robert Matthew Tomek 
Christina M. Touchette 


Tricia Ann Trimble Monica Dawn Williams Diane Kay Zeman magna cum 

Harolyn Genise Walker Kate Andrea Woods laude* 

Elizabeth Jane Wedekemper Keith Alan Young Rashid Zkeri 


Order of Exercises 

College of Agricultural Sciences 

11:00 A.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Robert D. Arthur, Interim Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Robert D. Arthur, Interim Dean 

Commencement Address 

Robert A. Godke, Boyd Professor of Reproductive Physiology, Louisiana State University 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Agricultural Sciences 
on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Robert D. Arthur, Interim Dean 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 
Robert D. Arthur, Interim Dean 
John E. Phelps, Chair, Forestry 

Major: Forestry 
Trish Welch, Chair, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 

Majors: Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 
Steven Kraft, Chair, Agribusiness Economics 

Major: Agribusiness Economics 
Brian Klubek, Professor, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems 

Majors: General Agriculture, Plant and Soil Science 

Welcome to Alumni 

Kevin Koenigstein, President, Agriculture Alumni Society 

Closing Remarks 

Robert D. Arthur, Interim Dean 


Trumpet Tune, David Johnson, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Agricultural Sciences 

Robert D. Arthur, Interim Dean 
John L. Nelson, Student Marshal 
John E. Phelps, Usher 
Brian P. Klubek, Usher 

Patricia K. Welch, Usher 
Steven E. Kraft, Usher 
Sara Long, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Riley Alcorn 
John David Allison 
Derrick Gene Alwardt 
Sara Lynn Andersen 
Benjamin David Arbeiter 
Tyson Don Arnold 
Brandon Michael Bachman 
Erica Catherine Balkonis 
Richard J. Baranski** 
Carson Wayne Barnett 
Michael S. Barth 
Christopher L. Bauza 
Nathaniel Paul Bergmann 

magna aim laude 
Matthew C. Beyers aim lande 
Holly M. Bierbaum* 
Mark Keith Blank 
Levi Scott Borcherding aim 

Tracy Nicole Bozeman 
Jenna Michelle Brunaugh magna 

aim laude** 
Cory G. Busboom 
John Arthur Buschschulte aim 

Cristen Marie Carper* 
David Maxwell Chapman 
Lisa Kimberly Ciucci magna aim 

Cassandra Lynn Cline 
David William Cmunt 
Tara Leigh Cushist 
Daniel John Digvonni 
Peter James Dittmar aim laude* 
Justin David Dodson magna aim 

Wesley Aaron Durbin 
Jennae Lynne DuBois* 
Laura Erin Eckel 
Tim James Egan aim laude* 
Steven Michael Ellis 
Scott Patrick Fergus 
Rick Paul Flesner cum laude 
Kristy Marie Fraher* 
Kyle William Frazier 
Mark Wayne Frazier 
Samuel David Frazier aim 

Peter James Frey 
Rhett D. Friedericks 
Julia V. Frolova 
Joshua Jay Gibson 
Benerdette Mumo Gilbert 

Adam R. Gray 

Ryan Douglas Habbe 

Jennifer A. Hagerman 

Peter D. Hampson 

Lisa Marie Hampton magna aim 

John Michael Hardwick summa 

aim laude 
John L. Hartleb 
Jessica Lynn Hayes cum laude 
Ryan Lee Allen Haynes 
Phillip Dean Healy 
Debbie Jane Hearn 
Calvin Jarett Herdes 
Ashleigh Meagan Herman* 
Jacob Matthew Higginbotham 
Blake Nolan Hills 
Daniel James Hoffacker 
Lindsey Allison Hooks aim 

Melissa Ann Howard 
Brent L. Hubbard 
Benjamin Michael Hunter 
Bret Alan Johnson 
Dale Robert Johnson 
Eric Scott Johnson 
Eri Kanemoto magna aim laude* 
Casey Austin Kidd 
Andrea Lee Kincaid 
Justin Edward King 
Kristopher Paw Kirkham 
Jeffrey P. Kleiboeker 
Andrew James Knowlton 
Darin Ross Kohl 
Rachel Maurine Kohlbecker 
Heather Lauren Kribs 
Danielle Renee Lawary 
Ted M. Lezak 
Matthew Duke Lilienkamp 
Jamie Leigh Maas 
Jennifer Ann Maas 
Kevin Walton Mabry 
Timothy L. MacGregor 
Austin Glen Marlow 
Erin Leann Mayer 
Joy Maureen McAllister summa 

cum laude* 
Brock Garrett McArdle aim 

Richard Alan McCall 
Sean Carson McPhedran 
Abby S. Megginson 
Brent Michael Menghini 

Jeffrey Scott Meredith 
Suzanne Lynn Meyer 
Gregory Andrew Mielczarek 
Jodi Lee Miller magna aim laude* 
Tyler Gage Milliman 
Kevin A. Mills 
Jason Allen Mohr 
Aaron Lambert Moore 
Joseph R. Mortimer* 
Dana Raye Mulholland 
Mami Nagai 
Daniel Martin Neary 
Eric Matthew Needham 
John Louis Nelson summa cum 

Steven Knute Nelson 
Mark C. Orwig** 
Elana Jaclyn Ostrovsky magna 

cum laude* 
Klairoong Puma Pattumma 

magna aim laude* 
Brandon Phillip Placek cum 

Bradley W. Portz 
Poly A. Propst 
Tera L. Ratermann 
Elizabeth Ann Reinhart 
Paul Ryan Richards 
Ronald James Richards 
Angela Pearl Ridgeway 
Kohei Saigo 
Terra Leigh Sanderson 
Jamie Lyn Schulze 
Mary F. Schwarz magna cum 

Nicholas Colby Schwarze 
Lucille Reeves Scott 
Tyler Joseph Scott 
Jon Christopher Sheely 
James Aaron Shelby 
Morgan Ashley Sherman summa 

aim laude 
Joseph Lloyd Shuler aim laude 
Jennifer Lynn Sievers 
Mark W. Simundic 
Kimberlyn A. Snider 
Shawna Michelle Spiller 
Michael T. Stephanidis 
Kristin Rae Storck 
Brett Aaron Stuemke 
Amanda Marie Thurman 
Kevin James Tolka 
David John Trainor* 


Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Mark A. Trainor Tekiesha Anita Wallington Carrie Elizabeth Winter 

Amy Lynn Troutt cum laude Sara Rae Webster Rodney Max Woody 

Dustin Alan Unverfehrt Keri Marie Wendling aim laude Trista Marie Wurmnest 

James Allen Vaughn* Tandy Knight Wheeler cum Nicole Ann Yana 

Andrea Terese Virgilio laude Kendra Leanne York cum laude 

Michael Bryan Walerius Justin J. Whipple David Brian Zettler 

Heather Elizabeth Waller Kaleb Roger Wilson Daniel Robert Ziems 


Order of Exercises 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Mass Communication 
and Media Arts on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 

Don Stork, Recipient, President, PHD St Louis School of Journalism (Class of 1961) 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 

Commencement Address 

Charles Ramirez Berg, Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas at Austin 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Closing Remarks 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 


Trumpet Tune, David Johnson, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 
Lori Reed, Marshal 
William Recktenwald, Marshal 
Scott Hodgson, Marshal 
Daniel Overturf, Usher 

Jyotika Ramaprasad, Usher 

James Wall, Usher 

Carol Westerman-Jones, Reader 

Jack Young, Reader 

Jean Kelley, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Derek Lee Anderson cum laude* 
Eric Stephen Anderson 
Reginald Randolph Baker 
Andrew Frankland Balek 
Tara Lynn Barrett cum laude 
Christal Louise Bell 
Erin Marie Bell 
Mitchell Craig Berman 
Gwyn Bevel 

Kathleen Elisabeth Bleeker 
Jonathan E. Bleyer 
Michael Charles Brauer 
Benjamin Richard Brimer 
Michael Sean Burcar 
Joseph Ryan Burtis 
Jacklyn Christina Byrd 
Bryan Murphy Carr cum laude 
Nikko Patrick Castrogiovanni 
Kellie McKinzie Conlee 
Jesus Mario Contreras 
Eric John Cremer 
Penny S. Cromwell cum laude** 
Paul David Dankoski 
Erik Victor Darelius 
Morgan John Demling 
Edward Joseph Deutsch 
Garrett Casey DeFauw* 
Ann 'Michelle Dodge 
Brittany Marie Dust 
Diana Susan Duy 
Adam Collie Eccleston 
Blake Ethan Eddleman 
Jessica Danielle Edmond 
Stephen Timothy Emmerson 

aim laude 
Shana Elizabeth Erwin 
Michelle Christine Faulkner 
Sean Patrick Field 
Gina Latoi Ford cum laude* 
Tenika M. Frees cum laude 
Marian Cheyenne Freesen 

summa cum laude* 
Edward T. Fudge 
Adam Christopher Gabor 
Hope April Gaines cum laude 

Philip William Gioja 

Richard John Gregg 

Gina Elizabeth Hahn 

Daniel Patrick Ham 

Michelle Renee Hayes cum laude 

Sarah Amber Hegeman summa 

aim laude 
Tyree Cordale Horn 
Scott Robert Hummelsheim 
Patrick David Huslig 
David Matthew Iacch 
Thad R. Jackson 
Mia Leatrice Jefferson 
Eric Daniel Johnson** 
Nicholas Christian Johnson cum 

Kayla Melinda Jordan* 
Andrew Joseph Kanosky 
Phillip M. Keene 
Natalie Nicole Keller cum laude* 
Jeffrey Michael Kendall 
Benjamin Winslow King cum 

Christopher Michael Kleinlein 
Brady John Klosterman 
Colleen Lauren Konicek 
Holly Mae Krake magna aim 

Benjamin R. Lawson cum laude 
Michael A. LaScola 
Justin Rogers Leach 
Erica A. Lee 
Joshua Robert Lucas 
Pamela Jean Luedeke 
Jonathan Paul Luick* 
Joseph R. Martinez 
Christine Mazzone cum laude* 
Camille Rene McClain 
Phillip N. McConville 
Jennifer Marie McFarlane 
Sarah Ashley Mc Williams 
Chris W. Melton 
Sarah Katherine Metz 
Neil Grayson Miller 
Craig Michael Mitchell 

Lindsey Corinne Moron magna 

aim laude 
Shane Michael Murley 
Kenneth Addo Nelson 
Jeremy Ryan Nunes 
Gabrielle Katherine Patton 
Shawna Michelle Price** 
Jaimie Lee Reynolds 
Megan Marie Rinkenberger 
Rachel Marie Rion 
Samantha R. Robinson 
Brandy Lynn Rohlen 
Emily Keasler Rollman 
James Kimmel Rossiter 
Derek Royce Rude cum laude 
Jason Edward Ruffin 
Andri C. Saitti 
Jonathan Jared Saupe 
Ingrid Marguerite Schiff 
Matthew David Schilling 
Norman Bernard Schneigert 
Kevin Derek Senior 
Christopher Stephen Shanahan 
Gregory Ryan Sidwell 
Lincoln Craig Simmons 
Matthew Michael Smith 
William Scott Smith 
Christopher Michael Steinkopf 
Jessica Anne Stone 
Melissa S. Swart 
Gena Marie Terlizzi 
Derek Hall Thornsberry 
Lori Beth Thornton 
John Lawrence Toljanic 
Erin Paige Tomlison 
Nicholas Anthony Trotta 
Timothy Matthew Wentzlaff 
Jeffrey Michael Wettstein magna 

aim laude* 
Derrick Whitley 
Mary Fran Wright magna cum 

Andrew Norman Young 

Bachelor of Science 

John Joseph Anzelone 
Amber June Arnold 
Justin James Beyers 

Spencer Patrick Bone 
Courtney Noelle Bradford 
Brad Ryan Brondsema 

Kandi Dawn Bruce cum laude 
Jonathan Joseph Butera 
Michael Gregory Butts 


Nicole Elizabeth Call Dawn Marie Jordan John Meyers Sgro 

Christopher Bailie Calmes Grant Steven Kaniewski Amy Yvonne Sovich 

Paul Caravelli Doulas Christopher Kramarsic* Michael Jon Steinmann 

Georgiana Coffman Ryan William Latko James J. Sulya** 

Tara Leigh Cushist Kysa Ann Lewis Melissa Jennifer Tawse 

Terry L. Dean Jefferson Ryan Lipsky Marcia Lynn Taylor 

Jens Christoffer Deju Faith Christine McBurrows Michael James Thiel 

Antoinette Mae Dentamaro Jodie Marie Milan Brandon Jamahl Thomas 

Samantha Rose DeMaria Jonathan William Nicholls Erin Katherin Thompson 

Brett Curtis Elston Greg Edward Padesky magna Ryan Matthew Tozer 

Jolene M. Fisher cum laude* Keith Winnet Warden, Jr.' 

Alice Mackenzie Francis Katherine M. Patterson Erin Patrice Watson 

Keva Crystal Gaston Jack Ray Piatt, Jr. Jeremy Allen White 

Tifair Lashoan Gillespie Tyson Fred Rhea Seth Andrew Whitehead 

Gianna M. Hardt Elizabeth Erin Rigazzi cum Jennifer Lynn Wieczorek 

Tiffany T. Hubbard laude* Jennifer Lee Wilber 

Heather Sue Hudson Carrie Ann Roderick Kara Colleen Wilson 

Eric Daniel Johnson** Nicole Angelica Sack 

Jessica Nicole Jones Justin Alan Savage 


Order of Exercises 
School of Law 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party and Commencement Speakers 

Peter C. Alexander, Dean, School of Law 

Faculty Rule of Law Citation 

Jill Adams, Presenter, Professor of Law 
Sevil Dalkilic, Recipient, Attorney 

Commencement Address 

The Honorable Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, State of Illinois 

Presentation of Candidates, Hooding, and Conferring of Degrees 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 
Peter C. Alexander, Dean 
Mary Rudasill, Associate Dean 
David Johnson, Professor of Law 
Patricia McCubbin, Professor of Law 
Mark Schultz, Professor of Law 

Class Speaker 

Maria Cappiello, Recipient, John S. Rendleman Outstanding Senior Award, Class of 
2004, Southern Illinois University School of Law 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the School of Law on behalf of the 
SIU Alumni Association 

Peter C. Alexander, Presenter, Dean 

Mary C. Rudasil, Recipient, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Law, 
Director of the Legal Clinic, (Class of 1980) 

Welcome to Alumni 
Christine Heins 

Concluding Remarks 

Peter C. Alexander, Dean 


Trumpet Tune, David Johnson, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


School of Law 

Peter C. Alexander, Dean 
Patricia McCubbin, Marshal 
Mark Schultz, Usher 

Mary Rudasill, Hooder 
David Johnson, Reader 

Juris Doctor 

Alesha JoAnn Acton 

Jill Marie Angle 

Michael Joseph Bass 

Matthew Mark Benson 

Stephanie F. Besserer 

Colin Andrew Brady 

Connie Marie Buche 

Susan Marie Burns 

Steven Casey Call 

Maria Lena Cappielo 

Natalie Elizabeth Carroll 

Abigail Louise Carter 

Eric Blaine Christeson 

Adam Timothy Clark 

Ann Patricia Coward 

Brian Lee Curtis 

Paola Carolina DeLeon 

Jennifer Lynn Dickerson 

A. Kassc Dodd 

Sean William Donahue 

Tadeusz Tomasz Dudek 

Randall Robert Edgar 

Moses J. Edwards 

Ira Howard Fertel 

Mandy Lynn Flahardy** 

Christopher Michael Flynn* 

Amy Beth Forehand 


Pamela Rose Gamble 

Jason Gann 

Shannon Marie Green 

Polly Petree Hampton 

Michael Marcus Havera 

Sarah J. Hill 

Justin Ernest Hood 

Shannon R. Howard 

Pei-Yun Hsu 

William Charles Hudson 

Joshua Jay Ishmael 

Allison Rae Keers-Sanchez 

Bryan M. Kibler 

Ralph W. Korris 

Brian T. Kreisler 

Carrie Lynne Kinsella Lacey 

Carissa Gail Lape 

John Theodore Long 

Cynthia Carolyn Loos 

James William Lowry 

John Brian Manion 

Tricia Jo Martin 

Amy Olson McReynolds 

Emilie Anne Miller 

Charles David Mockbee IV 

Matt C. Morris 

Ian W. Murphy 



Juris Doctor (continued) 

Joel P. Murphy 

Michael Patrick Murphy 

Stephen M. Murphy 

Bob Anthony Neiner 

Lisa Maria Nijm 

Matthew David Nixon 

Kimberly Ann Norris 

Mindie Ann Oberreiter 

Bradley William Oliver 

Carrie Leigh Ovey-Wiggins 

Robert Edward Pugh 

Kelly Elizabeth Purkey 

Giovanni Ray Randazzo 

Becky A. Ray 

Meagan Nicole Rich 

Jeron Renee Roberts 

Allen David Roe 

Joseph Nickolas Rupcich 


Rebecca Lynn Schmidt 

Emma Sue Schuerenberg 

Jamie Nicole Sepich-Hart 

Daniel R. Shaffer 

Renee M. Snow 

Britt W. Sowle 

Kyle G. Stokien 

Micah S. Summers 

Judith K. Trentman 

Charles Zachary Vaughn 

Thomas Matthew Voigt 

Jeffrey Bryan Walters 

Joseph R. Wetzel 

Katie Anne Whitehead 

Andrea Leanna Wilson 

Ryan Richard Wilson 

Natalie J. M. Workman 

Linda Wyant 

David Howard Yunghams 



The 2004 Excellence Through Commitment Outstanding Teaching Award 

Joyce V. Fetro, College of Education, Department of Health Education and Recreation 

The 2004 Excellence Through Commitment Outstanding Term Faculty 
Teaching Award 

Rita J. Polston, Department of Mathematics 

The 2004 Excellence Through Commitment Outstanding Teaching Support 
Award (Administrative/Professional) 

Michael S. Harbin, College of Liberal Arts, Center for the Study of Crime, Delinquency and 

The 2004 Excellence Through Commitment Outstanding Teaching Support 
Award (Civil Service) 

Katherine A. Jacobson, College of Science, Department of Zoology 


Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 

Listed below are those candidates who, subject to completion of all degree 
requirements, are being commissioned Second Lieutenants. 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, Wham Room 105 

Richard J. Baranski** 
Alberto Cordova 
Penny S. Cromwell** 
Jill A. Nakvosas 
Gwendolyn A. Opel 
Klairoong Pattumma 
Charles L. Shaw 
David L. Stewart 

Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps 

5:30 P.M., Saturday, May 8, 2004, Student Center Auditorium 

William J. Brokaw 
Brian E. Campbell 
Douglas W. Carmean 
Tyler D. Cates 
John M. Coats 
Anthony J. Fantozzi 
Brandon L. Grover 
Michael J. LaBarbera 
John R. Newman 
Andrew R. Riepe 
Anthony J. Schumacher 
Jeremy R. Sherman 
Simone E. Sulwer 
Hillary B. Wykes 
Jonathan A. Zannis 


Academic Regalia 

The academic regalia, consisting of cap, gown, and hood, originated about the twelfth century and were worn 
primarily for warmth. Later, the material of the gown and lining and shape of the hood represented the 
economic and social as well as the academic status of the wearer. 

In 1895, a commission of American educators established an inter-collegiate code for the academic regalia. 
This code, revised in 1932, 1969 and again in 1989, provides a comprehensive system of academic regalia for 
American colleges and universities. While the code specifies black gowns, foreign universities and a growing 
number of American universities have gowns of various colors. 

There are four types of gowns and hoods-the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctor's. The associate and 
bachelor's gowns are the same except for a slight difference in color, untrimmed and have a closed front and 
long pointed sleeves. Women may wear a white collar with the bachelor's gown when no hood is worn. 

The master's gown is untrimmed, may be worn open or closed, and has extremely long, closed sleeves with an 
opening at the wrist. The ends of the sleeves are square with an arc extending from the wrist opening to the 
square end. The doctor's gown may be worn open or closed and has round, bell-shaped sleeves. There are wide 
velvet borders down the front and three velvet bars on each sleeve; the borders and bars may be black or the 
color of the discipline of the degree. 

The hood for each degree has a distinctive form. The master's hood is three and one-half feet in length with 
wider velvet edging and more of the lining exposed. The doctor's hood is four feet in length with the widest 
velvet edging and full exposure of the lining. Hoods are lined with the color(s) of the college or university 
conferring the degree. The color of the velvet edging identifies the discipline of the degree. 

The black mortarboard cap is standard in the United States, although soft tarns are worn at some universities. 
Tassels are usually black, except when no hood is worn, in which case the color of the tassel represents the field 
of study. Doctor's caps may have gold tassels. Upon conferral of the degree the tassel is worn on the left of the 
cap. Caps are considered part of the academic regalia and are customarily removed only during prayer, oath, or 
pledge, and then by men only. 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 

In the United States the hood is edged with the color of the field of study and lined with the colors of the 
university conferring the degree. Southern Illinois University Carbondale's hoods are lined in maroon with a 
white chevron. Tassel and/ or velvet hood colors, representing the fields of study, worn by students and faculty 
in the academic processional are: 

Tassels (Undergraduate Colleges) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education and Human Services, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Liberal Arts, Wliite 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Science, Gold 

Hoods (Masters and Advanced Degrees) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Arts, Letters and the Humanities, Wliite 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Fine Arts, Brown 

Law, Purple 

Liberal Arts, Wliite 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Music, Pink 

Philosophy, Dark Blue 

Public Adrninistration, Peacock Blue 

Science, Gold 

Social Work, Citron Yellow 

Teaching, Light Blue 


The SIU Alumni Association 

The SIU Alumni Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting 
Southern Illinois University, its students and alumni. The mission of the SIU Alumni 
Association is simple: to reveal to the world the excellence of Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale. The bond between you and your University lasts a lifetime, and 
the success of alumni and the institution can be enhanced when both take part in the re- 

Founded in 1896, the SIU Alumni Association now serves over 185,000 alumni 
worldwide by publishing the quarterly magazine, Southern Alumni, and sponsoring 
alumni chapters, reunions, Homecoming and many other activities. 

Benefits you can receive with membership: 
Southern Alumni magazine (quarterly) 
Saluki Pride newsletter 

Social and career networking opportunities through chapter and metro 
outreach programs and activities. 
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Enjoy all of the benefits listed below. Services for which members are eligible: 
Help in locating SIU Friends 
Discount Travel Rates 

Skillsearch membership discount (career networking company) 
Campus Privileges/ Discounts 
Insurance Benefits at Group Rates 
Discounts at Six Flags Amusement Parks 

Contact the Alumni Association to receive a membership application, and to tell them 
your news for consideration in the Southern Alumni magazine. 



SIU Alumni Association SIU Alumni Association 

Colyer Hall Mailcode 6809 Student Center 

Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 Southern Illinois University 

(618) 453-2408 Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 

Chicago Office: Phone (630) 574-7774 Ext. 2 
SIU Alumni Association 
100 Jorie Suite 351 
Oak Brook, IL 60521 


Southern Alma Mater 


( ^' lf * i J j. 







Hail Al - mm 

Ma - ter 

South - ern to 

■ m t F f p 








tf a 


Strong* thru the 

years you stand tri 

m f I f 

f r i i 






i' 1 J j j 












guide us 

- ver life's 


r r I 



P | | i 

J J J j 



Light that can 

nev - er fail us 

Hail, hail to 



f f r r 


•' ft 


Copyright 1857 hjr Board of Trustee* , Souther* Illinois I'niverniiv 


Published by the Office of Records and Registration, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

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